The beauty of the blue planet

Astronauts have observed it. The people of writing speak about it, sing it too but are not listened to enough even if they have the power of words.

The rulers also talk about it but not enough, vote the laws to respect the environment but do not seem to believe in their effectiveness even if they have the “democratic” power.

Industrialists smile at the “shovels” of clouds when they hear them speak of the preservation of this beauty; for them the hunger for profits is too intense and makes them deaf and blind.

And these “alerters” who make popular education, too shy and slow often, want to generate commitment, change of habits and awareness.

And miracle! A young Swedish girl, Greta, aged 15, who, alone at first, went to knock on the doors of the Parliament of her country to demand effective actions, to light the wick of the political conscience, to force the reflection, the action, the significant reaction . His example, his naivety perhaps, the purity of his words, his determination, his convictions have awakened the youth of the world.

It is not a learned university professor who went to knock on the door of Parliament, it is a young girl who is neither star, nor rich, nor scholar, nor spokesman of an environmental association, a young person Determined girl who says loud and clear that she wants to live, survive on a planet that is suffering, dying. She is anxious about her concern and is asking for help from the state to do otherwise and force more responsible consumption.

The cry of the heart is heard, listened to. Our mother-earth, the nurturer, needs more respect, more care, more love, and above all, that we stop poisoning her, intoxicating her. And the youths stand up to support Greta and also demand changes, stop misuse, promote better habits.

The beauty of the world is the beauty of nature and above all the beauty of people, their smile, their heart, their enthusiasm. These people, mostly young people, who believe in a healthier world by taking action, sowing the seeds of hope. These people are willing to maintain the garden, the garden so that the planet regains its health, its fertility, its generosity, its beauty, the true beauty of this mother who wants to continue to feed her children well.

In conclusion, the excerpt from a poem by our national Gilles Vigneault:

«It’s a child who will find
The words that will save the world
Watch them go round
With the air of not being there
He arrives at the city hall
He will have to receive
It has not come to see you
Ni to play docile child ”

Excerpt from the poem “The child and the water”

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