The best baker of organic bread in Quebec!

The best organic bread baker in Quebec is in the Capitale-Nationale. David Rigatti, a baker for Borderon et fils, won the three prizes in a competition held on March 15, 2019 at the Palais des congrès in Montreal as part of Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert.

The young baker was best known for the Best Organic Sourdough Baguette, the Best Salty Bread Using a Mixed 6 or 9 Grain and the Best Baker Baking Award using certified organic products. This is the first time this has happened in five years.

David Rigatti especially impressed the judges with his balsam fir bread for the price of salty bread. He also met the jury’s requirements to perfection, a bread of 285 g, 52 cm long, and with five identical blade strokes.

But when you look at Mr. Rigatti’s career, there is nothing surprising about this result. Trained in France in a bakery in Menton (south of France), who baked bread in a wood oven, he learned how to make the typical old-fashioned bread.

And this bread was to be particularly good, since Prince Albert of Monaco placed orders for charcoal bread. “It’s a bread that’s good for digestion,” he says.

During his stay in Menton, he also became the best apprentice at the regional level. He could not compete for the national title because he was over the age limit.

Subsequently, he went to work in Monaco for a bakery that supplied the luxury hotels and the palace of the principality. “I wanted to see another way of doing things. The bread was also baked, but most of the bread was decorated with a princely crown on it, “says Rigatti.

Back to Quebec

The baker made bread for the Grimaldi family, but he never met Prince Albert of Monaco except once when he was little, a little by chance. “My mother worked on the port of Monaco. The prince was jogging and I would run too, we got into it, he says. But we did not really talk. ”

But where did he get his passion for bread and the desire to become a baker? Well, imagine that this passion was born in Quebec. “I lived in a younger Quebec. In 2008, I had to be 15-16 years old, I was working in a bakery on the weekend. I helped a little with everything and I watched the bakers. I liked it, “he says. “When we came back to France, my mother knew a baker, I was 17 years old and I thought,” Why not learn this job? “, He continued.

His grandfather, Yvon Rigatti, former grand chef, who cooked for General Charles de Gaulle among others, had also given him the taste of good bread during family meals.

In 2017, his mother returned to live in Quebec City. Thinking he went around Monaco, he decides to come back too. It leaves the sun and the heat of the Côte d’Azur for the winter of Quebec. “People in Quebec are nicer than on the Côte d’Azur, and I like winter,” he says.

Quebeckers and bread

Upon arrival, he goes to Borderon and son’s house after seeing an ad. He was hired immediately. A good catch for the bakery, since today, they can boast of having the best baker organic bread in Quebec.

And with his know-how and his experience with a wood oven, baking bread in a gas oven is a breeze for Mr. Rigatti. “With the wood oven, you had to watch all the time to get the perfect bread. There I do not even need a stopwatch, “he says.

And times have changed since his first stay in Quebec. “Before it was difficult to find good bread. Quebecers ate mostly sandwich bread, but little by little, with the French bakers who settled in Quebec, they discovered the real bread and many are eating it now, “he says.

On the other hand, if the recipe is French, bakers have had to adapt it with Quebec flour, which is different from French flour. “For 2-3 years, we use old wheat and it works really well. People love more and more quality and healthy products. They learned to accompany the bread with local products too. ”

According to David Rigatti, do not hesitate to ask his baker for advice to buy the bread according to his needs and tastes. A bit like wine.

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