The best coffee machines for the home according to baristas

The best coffee machines for home according to baristas

Good coffee is also made at home. But you have to have the right equipment. We asked a few baristas in the city to give us their recommendations… promising them that we would still go and see them in their establishments.   

Whether you want a small coffee maker or a professional machine, here are suggestions for all tastes and budgets. 


Bialetti: a timeless tradition  

For small coffee makers, much cheaper than a machine, the Bialetti brand has proven itself and is often recommended.  

The Moka Express 3-cup coffee maker sells for $47.97 at Quincaillerie Dante. 

It’s absolutely excellent, for the quality-price ratio,” says Anna Morineau, barista at the Café des Wood.   

Launched in 1933, the Moka Express coffee maker revolutionized the way people enjoyed their espresso. The excitement never faded. The proof: you can still find it in a lot of kitchens. 

“It's a great Italian tradition (especially southern) that offers an excellent cup of coffee and an aroma in the house without equal. A Cuisinart grinder bought at Quincaillerie Dante does the job for this preparation, because a Moka coffee maker from Bialetti forgives a bad grind,” says Andreas Vecchio of CAFFETTIERA.   < /p>

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Breville: practical for everyone  

The Breville brand is quite popular among baristas.&nbsp ;  

“I recommend Breville because they are good machines, generally quite affordable, and there is something for everyone,” says Catherine Gauthier, coffee and quality control manager for Cordova Saint-Henri and Beta Bar. I also recommend them because of the accessible customer service and all the points of sale in Canada too!”  

For Richard Baghdadlian of Café Myriade, the Breville BES870XL, at $799.99, “is the best bang for your buck under $800 for the home, otherwise you're spending thousands of dollars on machines, grinders, etc.” This machine should make you a real home barista. It is ideal for preparing a third wave specialty coffee very quickly.  

If you already own a grinder and want to spend a little less, there is another interesting option: the Breville Bambino Plus, at $499.99  , which includes an automatic steam nozzle. This model is recommended by Catherine Gauthier.   

“I like the Bambino because it is small, so ergonomic for smaller spaces. The prices are also quite reasonable except that you have to equip yourself with a coffee grinder.”

But Catherine Gauthier's ultimate favorite is the Breville Oracle Touch , sold for the modest sum of $3439.99.   

“It is, in my opinion, one of the best home machines. The grinder is integrated and adjustable. It's very important when you want a machine with a grinder to make sure the blades can be changed and the grind is adjustable, she says. It is a super performing machine and also interesting since it has several profiles already saved, but it is also possible to use it manually.»   

De'Longhi : quality and simplicity  

Like Breville, the Italian brand De'Longhi offers a wide selection of products. It is, however, best known for its Specialista series of espresso machines.  

The $849.99 De'Longhi Specialista Arte is for example an excellent option to easily transform into an amateur barista. 

“She is very user-friendly. It is the perfect machine for Mr. or Mrs. Everybody who wants a good coffee at home without complicating their life,” says Simon-Pierre Caron of Café Caron & brothers. 

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Rocket: for great coffee lovers  

Less known, the Rocket brand is recommended by Rémy Deloume from Café L'Etincelle. However, you have to have a substantial budget. The machines are all sold for over $2000.  

“Italian-designed and handmade, they are just exceptional in terms of consistency, robustness and quality. They are more and more popular and many of our customers have them,” he says.   

The Mill First 

“If you absolutely want to make an espresso/cappuccino, you have to put the majority of the budget on the grinder and not on the machine”, says Andreas Vecchio. 

According to him, with a $900 EUREKA grinder and a basic Breville machine, you can make a “perfect espresso”. “With a $3,000 machine and a $120 grinder, you only make mop water,” he continues. A big, powerful machine is designed to make volume and therefore not necessary for the home. Think of your neighbor showing you his new million dollar barbecue, but serving hot dogs.”   

< strong>Not to be overlooked 

Boilers (boiler heating system): “It must be ensured that they perform well. The best is to opt for machines equipped with double boilers which allow you to make your shotof coffee and your milk at the same time. So the machine doesn't just depend on a water heater to do everything. So you don't lose heat.” – Catherine Gauthier 

Milk nozzles: “They must have enough pressure to make microfoam like in coffee. You want the nozzle to deliver the pressure right away. Sometimes, with homemade machines, it takes too long and it heats the milk without frothing it. When the machines are too cheap, the nozzles don't perform well and you can't get a micro-foamed milk texture.” – Catherine Gauthier

You can only tell by trying it, but according to the barista, if the nozzle seems of quality (like the one in the photo below), it’s a good sign. 

The best home coffee machines according to baristas

Courtesy Catherine Gauthier

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