The BHP has learned the hard way

Le CH a appris à la dure

The Canadian seems to have listened to the advice of the ex-defender Serge Savard who said that in his time, the Habs gave as mission to get a tie of 0-0 to get out of a bad sequence. Ben Chiarot (photo) explained that he and his teammates had tightened up their defensive play.

December 12, 2019 22h17

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The BHP has learned the hard way

Alexis Belanger-Champagne

The Canadian Press


MONTREAL — a Few hours before the Canadian put an end to his series of eight reverse on 3 December last year, the former defender Serge Savard had said that in his time, montreal was the mission to get a tie of 0-0 to get out of a bad sequence.

Times have changed and the draws are no longer a part of the reality of the NHL, but the Canadian came out of the storm by tightening its defensive play.

In five matches since his streak of eight losses, the Habs conceded only nine goals. His record is 4-1-0.

“We knew that once we won one or two matches, we were going to get back my good feelings and a fresh start in the right direction,” said defenceman Ben Chiarot, author of the decisive goal in overtime in a victory of 3-2 to face the Ottawa Senators Wednesday at the Bell Centre.

“We play the right way. We do not give more opportunities now as we did when we were losing night after night.”

The Canadian has seen a small slowdown in the second half against the Senators, who have been able to attack three times in excess. However, the goaltender Cayden Primeau had closed the door.

And even if the Habs squandered a two-goal lead before taking a stand against the formation of the national capital, the players had the feeling of accomplishment after the game.

“During the losing streak, we sometimes have the impression that nothing was going in our direction,” said the attacker Nick Cousins. There, we find the way to make our luck.”

During the series of setbacks, head coach Claude Julien had often refused to point the finger at the work of his defenders for the purposes granted. It focused on the work of the unit of five on the ice and on the retreat of the attackers.

It was reported on Tuesday by The Athletic that the owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Mario Lemieux, was a Canadian and played hockey boring. Somehow, this comment echoes those of Savard in the previous week : when it goes wrong, it is necessary to focus on the defensive character.

The key in the defensive work

“The play in the neutral zone is the key in our defensive work,” admitted Cousins. Our system 1-2-2 frustrates the opponent. We congestionnons the center of the rink, we make it difficult for the opponent to avoid it is gaining speed in the neutral zone.”

The attackers are a little less aggressive in the failure-before and are therefore better placed to support the defenders.

“The guys are on the right side of the puck or the player they are covering, said Chiarot. We see more and more players in good defensive position, on the right side of the washer. So we give a lot fewer attacks in excess. The guys are conscientious.

“He had to learn the hard way. This is not fun, because you have to work harder to generate the attack when you’re on the good side of the puck. You need almost every time to beat your man to get a chance. But we have accepted the challenge. It is in this way that you have to play to have success, first in the regular season, then playoffs.”

After putting an end to the series of eight losses, the players kept saying that they had to remember the bad feelings to avoid a repeat of a similar situation.

Perhaps it is this that will make the team more strong by the end of the season.

“We didn’t have fun during the series of eight defeats,” admitted Cousins. It was not fun coming to the rink. But we have found a way to get ourselves out of. We rubbed elbows and we are probably still more united as a team now. We’re also stronger mentally. There, it clicks, it’s going well. But it is necessary to continue on this momentum.”

The new strength of the team may be put to the test in the coming weeks. After the visit of the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday, the Canadian will play its last seven games of the year 2019 to the alien.



MONTREAL — The Canadian announced today that they have assigned forward Ryan Poehling for the Rocket of Laval, in the american hockey League.

Poehling will, therefore, have spent a little less than 24 hours in the entourage of the Habs, even if he has taken part in the meeting against the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday night. The American had been called in reinforcement to Matthew Peca, injured Tuesday against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Also, the Habs said that the attacker, 26-year-old will be absent for a period of six weeks because of this injury to his knee.

Poehling, who was in his second stint with the Canadian this season. It had been cleared in four outings between 5 and 12 November, before the be again against the Senators.

In 26 games with the Rocket this season, Poehling has harvested five goals and seven helpers. However, it has accumulated a goal and five helpers in his last five outings.

As for Peca, he received no points in four games with the Canadian this season. It adds, however, has three goals and eight mentions of assistance in 18 meetings with the Rocket. The canadian Press

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