The Bloc québécois has rebuilt its foundations in Sherbrooke

Le Bloc québécois refait ses fondations à Sherbrooke

Members of the Bloc québécois, Sherbrooke meet, this Sunday, for a meeting of the “refoundation” of the party. Participants will be invited to review the statutes and the party program, ” explains Marc Bouliane, president of the executive of the Bloc québécois, Sherbrooke.

“The idea comes from the youth forum is to re-establish the BQ. It was decided to re-create committees to see the program and the statutes. It will happen in the construction sites of the counties, building the regional and the national congress, ” says Boulianne.

Currently, the BQ has 225 members in good standing to Sherbrooke. The meeting will also welcome members of the site Overhaul, who are asked to take their card on the spot by the officials of the event.

Different speakers must also take the floor during the day, including Luc Thériault, member of parliament for Montcalm.

People are invited to attend from 9 a.m. for registration; the event will take place at the Baobab café in Sherbrooke.

The meeting will be held while the nomination period for the leadership of the BQ ends next week.

For the moment, the only candidate for the leadership of the party is the former minister in the parti québécois Yves-François Blanchet. Martine Ouellet resigned last June, after several months of tensions within the party.

Candidate for

In addition, David Benedict, vice-president of the Forum jeunesse du Bloc québécois, does not hide his interest in becoming a candidate for the BQ in Sherbrooke.

“Without the formal process has been initiated, and I expressed my interest in Sherbrooke,” said the employee of Vidéotron, which will soon be 27 years old. He says he actively campaign for about a year and a half, and highlights having worked in the “process of refoundation” of the party in the last few months. Mr. Benedict is a native of Montreal and he has been living here for about two years.

“It is still far away,” said for his part the former executive director of Centraide Estrie region and member of the executive of the BQ in Sherbrooke, Claude Forgues, when The Forum surveyed its interest, after his name had been circulated.

He did know that it was too early to move forward by recalling that, he had to give his seat to the candidate of the parti québecois Solange Masson in Saint-François. The voters have finally elected the caquiste Geneviève Hébert.

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