“The Bodyguard”: she is the Quebec Whitney Houston!

«The Bodyguard”: it’s her, the Quebec Whitney Houston!” /></p>
<p> Jennifer-Lee Dupuy will play Whitney Houston in the musical “The Bodyguard”. </p>
<p>The musical <em>The Bodyguard</em> unveiled its cast on Tuesday. By director Joël Legendre's own admission, it was not easy to find the performer who would play the main female role of this production. But that's it, we finally know the name of Quebec's Whitney Houston, Jennifer-Lee Dupuy! </p>
<p>30-year-old Jennifer-Lee Dupuy was born the same year as the film's release < em>The Bodyguard</em>. If she interprets the main role of Rachel Marron immortalized by Whitney Houston in 1992, it will be the actor Frédérick De Grandpré (<em>District31</em>, <em>The Negotiator</em>) who will slip into the role by Frank Farmer, originally played by Kevin Costner. </p>
<p class=Former Secret Service agent Frank Farmer is hired by impresario Bill Devaney to provide protection for his client Rachel Marron, a rising singer threatened by an unknown admirer. 

Little known until now – she made a brief stint at Star Académie in 2020 – Jennifer-Lee Dupuy works in the field of construction and she has no experience as an actress. , which was also the case with Whitney Houston when shooting The Bodyguard, notes Joël Legendre. On the other hand, she is a good singer and the director was charmed by her voice during the auditions. 

“I was looking for someone who looked like Whitney Houston, because in our imagination, we forgot that she is Rachel Marron, mentions Joël Legendre in an interview with Métro. It took someone who physically resembled Whitney Houston and who sings like her.”  

Even if, at the base, the scenario does not require that Rachel be interpreted by a black woman, Joël Legendre would have refused to take a white actress, so much the role sticks to the skin of Whitney Houston.  

“I respected the casting of the film. His manager in the feature film is a black man, so I thought of Widemir Normil. I wanted to reproduce the film as exactly as possible,” he explains.