The Caesars escape Quebecers

The Césars escape the Qué ;bécois

Xavier Dolan in the film “Lost Illusions”

The César ceremony for French cinema was held this Friday, February 25 and Quebec was well represented. Unfortunately, the prizes escaped the actors Xavier Dolan, Danielle Fichaud and Sylvain Marcel, all three nominated in the categories devoted to the best supporting roles.

Vincent Lacoste won out over Xavier Dolan and Sylvain Marcel in the category of best actor in a supporting role for his performance in the film Lost Illusions by Xavier Giannoli, the most nominated work of the ceremony.

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The Quebecer Xavier Dolan was nominated for the César for his role in the same film while Sylvain Marcel, him , was nominated for her performance in Aline.

Danielle Fichaud, also nominated for the film Aline, could not touch the statuette no more. The prize in its category was instead awarded to Aïssatou Diallo Sagna for her portrayal of a nurse in La fracture by Catherine Corsini.

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Hope for Aline?

The film Aline, about our national Celine Dion, was nominated in no less than 10 categories, including those for best film, for Best Director and Best Actress for the interpreter of Céline and director, Valérie Lemercier.

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