The call to Montcalm school was a “hoax”

The call to Montcalm school was a

The evacuation at the Montcalm Pavilion at Mitchell-Montcalm High School took place Tuesday afternoon.

Share November 11, 2020 10:10 am Updated at 4:47 pm Share The call to Montcalm school was a “hoax”The call to Montcalm school was a

Claude Plante La Tribune The police intervention on Tuesday afternoon at the Montcalm pavilion of Mitchell-Montcalm high school was caused by a “hoax”.

This is the conclusion that the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) came to following its investigation.

Remember that the Portland Boulevard high school had to be evacuated so that checks could be made after a worrying call. The evacuation of students and staff took place during the break between the third and fourth class.

“We are not giving the nature of the call,” says Martin Carrier, spokesperson for the SPS.

“We are not commenting on this.”

Classes were able to resume normally on Wednesday morning.

Mr. Carrier stressed, however, that the operation went well and that the protocol in such a situation worked well.

“We had a very good collaboration from everyone during the event, such as the school administration and the Center de services scolaire de la Région-de-Sherbrooke,” he says.

In such cases, schools follow an emergency protocol based on a fire situation, but also other similar events that could occur, explains Donald Landry, director of the general secretariat and communications of the CSSRS.

In this case, the management did not have to contact the parents. Many of the students themselves quickly alerted their parents to the situation.

Montcalm school has 979 students. – With Isabelle Pion

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