“The cancer card”, a frank podcast on the disease

“The cancer card”, a frank podcast on the disease

Is it possible to talk about cancer without it being miserable, heavy and depressing? Judith Lafaille and Evelyne Morin-Uhl prove yes with this enlightening and surprisingly funny podcast.

The statistics are unequivocal: we will all one day have cancer or know someone who will. As well as becoming familiar with what those who go through this ordeal go through on a daily basis.

This is why the two women themselves with different cancers demystify the many facets of this disease in the five episodes of The cancer map.

In the company of their guests and their collaborator, Dominic Tardif, they address various themes such as the announcement of the disease, hospital stays and the relationship to time and money (cancer is a disease of the rich, we learn.)

The cancer card is a wonderful podcast that educates, makes people laugh and think. It is extremely refreshing to hear about this disease in such a friendly and accessible tone.

The podcast The Cancer Card is available on the OHdio app.

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