The Capitals in the Frontier: fusion-flavored cultural

Les Capitales dans la Frontier: une fusion à saveur culturelle

Steve Tahsler, deputy commissioner of the League of the Frontier (to the right), was in Québec city to meet with Michel Laplante and the Capitals on Thursday.

November 1, 2019 4: 00 am


The Capitals in the Frontier: fusion-flavored cultural

Les Capitales dans la Frontier: une fusion à saveur culturelle

Carl Tardif

The Sun


On tour in the “old” cities of the League, Can-Am, the deputy commissioner of the League of the Frontier, Steve Tahsler, was in Quebec city, Thursday, in order to better understand the organization of the Capitals, which are now part of the circuit, the merged independent baseball.

“It is my first visit to Quebec city and surely not my last. The members and supporters of the League of the Frontier are excited to see two teams from québec to merge with us”, stated Tahsler during his interview with The Sun, at the Stage Canac.

He arrived in New York, where he met with the Rockland of Boulders, the Jackals in New Jersey and the Miners of Sussex County. He loops his stay at Trois-Rivières, Friday, where he has an appointment with the Eagles.

“These meetings allow us to better know the people with whom have done business, on a daily basis, but also to clarify the rules of operation and to respond to issues that may be raised,” it said the right arm of the commissioner Bill Lee (not to be confused with the former pitcher of the Expos).

Director-general of the four formations of the League of the Frontier over time, it is associated with this tour of the american Mid-West for 23 years and has held his current position for 10 years.

More spice

“The merger with the League of the Can-Am is interesting. Not only our territory expands it with the addition of several cities, but on the cultural level, it really is a aspect that will sting the curiosity of the people. It extends from the Ohio river to the Atlantic ocean and the Mississippi river to the St. Lawrence, we want to take advantage of the opportunity to establish our brand everywhere,” added the one for which the League uses it now consists of 14 teams that are established in 7 States and one province.

As of 11 November, the 14 training sessions will be meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, to finalize the regulation and the status of players. As expected, a player cuban as Yordan Manduley would be a veteran if he were to return.

“The merger has just been confirmed, but we already feel the excitement. We have not played yet a match, but it is worth the money. Yes, it will be more difficult to finish among the first two positions on the seven teams in our conference to make the playoffs, but we had under-estimated how much people valued the idea of 11 teams scroll at the Stage Canac”, stated Michel Laplante, who has received Tahsler in the company of Charles Demers, promoted to executive director, and the manager Patrick Scalabrini, who was recently traded pitcher Jack Charleston to Milwaukee in the American Association, in return for the outfielder rookie Riley Pittman.

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