The CAQ will promise a tax cut

La CAQ will promise a drop of’ taxes

Quebec Minister of Finance, Eric Girard.

In light of the Auditor General's optimistic forecasts, the CAQ will become the third party to promise a tax cut during the election campaign. The Liberals and the Conservatives have already committed to this.

“It’s our intention to reduce the tax burden,” Finance Minister Éric Girard said at a press conference on Monday. It will be important that this is done in an orderly and responsible manner.” No specifics were given as to when taxes would decrease, and the potential amount of the decrease.

Despite this tax cut, another check could be granted to Quebecers to counter inflation, the Minister indicated. However, the CAQ does not foresee a recession. During the unveiling of its program, the party will propose to “continue the work”, with “a rebalanced, prudent and responsible approach”.

More details to come

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