The chapters in the life of Jonathan Roy

The chapters of the life of Jonathan Roy

How did Jonathan Roy come up with his new album? Traveling, experiencing different things and talking about what matters most to him in this time of his life, like for example love. Life Distortions c' is a journey to the heart of self-acceptance, according to its creator. Sounds with hip-hop accents with pop, alternative and a psychedelic sound with lyrics that help focus on the essentials. 

His inspiration for this latest album? He found it during his travels, especially the one where he went camping in Vancouver with his group of friends, but also during a trip of another kind, when he experienced the < em>ayahuascaan Amazonian plant with hallucinogenic properties. According to him, this experience opened his eyes and allowed him to have a new state of consciousness. “My album, it shows the distortions of life, how not to wander. […] My albums are chapters in my life that help me to know myself better”, expresses the singer.

In this great journey that is life, the one who defines himself as “ the little guy from Quebec” says he learned a lot about himself and achieved a balance. “This beautiful balance of life, it was achieved through meditation, yoga and travel”. For his latest album, which contributes to the state of “awareness” [self-awareness] in which he likes to be, the ayahuasca also helped him. “All of these are tools to get to know me better,” he argues.

Jonathan Roy believes that his music video Keeping Me Alive  opened a lot of doors for him, especially those in the European market. For the travel enthusiast, this is perfect. “I always wanted my music to cross borders and travel with my music”. This will now be done since he will fly to the old continent in April and May. 

It is not only the love of travel that the singer loves at the idea of ​​this future tour, there is above all the freedom that comes from performing in front of an audience that does not know his story. “I feel more free knowing that they only know my music,” he explains.

Hockey? He loved this sport passionately, but he also mourned a heavy past to bear. “It is part of me, I accept it. But I found the same adrenaline in sports like climbing or diving, ”says the singer, who also galvanizes the experience with the public. “I'm on my X, it's truer than ever. What I want in the future is to stay happy, start a family, create and write music.”

Jonathan Roy will perform at the Imperial Bell on Friday, March 24, in addition to being part of the program of the Festival d'été de Québec. The album Life Distortions is available on the usual platforms.

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