The chef of Renoir signs a new menu for Air France

The Renoir chef signs a new menu for Air France

Chef of Le Renoir restaurant at Sofitel Montreal, Olivier Perret has created a whole menu that passengers can now enjoy Air France traveling in business class on departure from Canada.

Indeed, two of the four dishes offered on board the business cabin of Air France flights departing from Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Vancouver and soon Ottawa are signed by the French chef who has been running the prestigious Montreal restaurant Le Renoir for several years.

The Renoir chef signs a new menu for Air France

Mille-Feuille of squash with maple

The chef of Renoir signs a new menu for Air France

Chicken fillet in a tarragon crust Photos: Courtesy, Sofitel Montreal Le Carré Dorré

For each flight, passengers have the choice between a vegetarian dish and another based on poultry, both imagined by Olivier Perret. French-inspired dishes, but with a Quebec twist, as evidenced by the blueberries, maple syrup or local cheeses included in the menu.

“Based in Montreal for many years, I want to take Air France customers on a journey with my cuisine through culinary flavors that combine French gastronomy with fresh Quebec ingredients,” said Olivier Perret in a press release.

< h4 class="wp-block-heading" id="h-over-the-next-months-passengers-will-be-able-to-discover-six-dishes-made-by-the-chef">Over the next months, passengers will be able to discover six dishes prepared by the chef:

  • Chicken fillet in a tarragon crust, fondant glazed apples, pan-fried chanterelles and blueberries, red wine sauce
  • Mille-Feuille of maple squash and pine nuts, cheddar cream
  • Poultry stew with crunchy vegetables and mushrooms, creamy tarragon sauce
  • Soft risotto with oyster mushrooms and portobello, green beans and parmesan
  • Pearled barley with kale, runny heart of Quebec cheese and roasted root vegetables
  • Filet of guinea fowl and roasted pistachios, squash and Quebec apples roasted with maple syrup, reduced juice
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