The condo from the show “La tour” is “for sale”

The condo from the TV show “The Tower” is “for sale”

The condo from La tour à TVA is for sale!

The TVA programLa tour has put its famous condo up for sale to find a “buyer” following the announcement of the departure of its current host, Patrick Huard. Everything is comical at will.  

The talk show posted some photos of the filming location on its Facebook and Instagram accounts… with a description of the places parodying the real estate agencies.  

“Who is feeling lucky? Super condo that belonged to a former star! Located 0 km from Montreal since it is in Montreal (non-negotiable). The condo is on the 7th floor, depressive abstain. Two bedrooms where stars have surely cheated on their boyfriends and/or girlfriends (parity is important). Bathroom where Hubert Lenoir peed (Hubert Lenoir not included in the sale)”, can we read.  

It is even the broker Karoll-Ann Lapoynte-St- Jacques, a character from the series Le bonheur played by actress Monika Pilon, who takes care of the fake sale!  

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It is also mentioned that the property is “no charge” and is ideal for someone “who likes to entertain guests and ask them questions on TV while eating ringolos”.&nbsp ; 

Of course, the publication af reacted a lot on the show's Facebook page, with no less than a thousand interactions and a hundred shares.   

Fans will know who will be moving into the apartment in the third season, which will air this fall. To be continued! 

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