The conservatives are asking an economic update

Les conservateurs demandent une mise à jour économique

The minister of Finance Bill Morneau is estimated that the canadian economy is resilient.

8 December 2019 17h49

Updated at 18h41


The conservatives are asking an economic update

The canadian Press


OTTAWA — The conservatives are demanding that the minister of Finance Bill Morneau presents an “urgent” economic update, which would include a plan to balance the budget.

In the press conference, the spokesman of the party in matters of finance, Pierre Poilievre, said on Sunday that he wants the liberal government to present this update before the Holidays. According to him, this would include tax cuts for businesses, a plan to remove unnecessary paperwork, and another to eliminate the deficit over the next few years.

The member for Carleton has not failed to remind that Statistics Canada announced Friday the loss of 71,000 jobs in November, the largest decline since the financial crisis there a decade ago.

The unemployment rate in the United States is the lowest since 50 years.

He also indicated that Canada was lagging behind other G8 countries in several sectors.

The liberals promised during the recent election campaign to cut the deficit to 21 billion dollars by the fourth year of their mandate while the conservatives are committed to present a surplus of 667 million in 2024-2025.

Mr. Poilievre said the government has had enough time to prepare an economic update since its re-election in October.

“The clouds hanging over our economy for a long time. So if the government says it does not have to be prepared for the weather condition that presents itself on the horizon, that says a lot about his ability to lead”, has he supported.

The minister Morneau said that the government intends to reduce the tax cuts promised to the middle class. The economy is resilient, he mentioned.

“Even if we must remain alert to confront any potential risks to our economy, Canada relies on a financial sector that is stable and resilient, which supports our growing economy. This growth will continue as we work with our partners across the country to address the immediate challenges and long-term, including those in the resources sector,” said Mr. Morneau.

The new democrats want Mr. Morneau to adjust its plan so that the tax cuts envisaged benefit only to those whose income does not exceed $ 90,000 per year.

As well, believes the party led by Jagmeet Singh, this would reduce the cost of reductions of $ 1.6 billion. This amount could be used to establish a plan of dental insurance.

“We believe that it is a proposal for a construction that would lead a difference in the lives of millions of Canadians – especially those who are most in need”, one can read in the draft of a letter that account to transmit the NDP to Mr. Morneau.

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