The controversial Gilbert Thibodeau will try his luck again at the mayor of Montreal

Controversial Gilbert Thibodeau will try his luck again at the mayor of Montreal

The controversial leader of the Action Montreal party, Gilbert Thibodeau, will run again as a candidate for mayor of Montreal in the next municipal elections scheduled for 2025. He is known to have adhered to conspiracy theories that he regularly shared on Twitter in 2021 , particularly in relation to the existence of COVID-19 and the fact that the human immune system was sufficient to fight the virus.

Under the slogan of “Montréal – An accessible island”, Mr. Thibodeau affirms in a Facebook publication that he wants to bet on better “accessibility” to Montreal, as much in terms of transport, tourism, housing for families and economic development.

“Montreal is a beautiful city, a big city. It’s a metropolis. It is important that its development be well planned, to the benefit of all Montrealers. It is important to facilitate the purchase of a property for young families who want to settle there. Buyers of new condos must live there so as not to destabilize the Montreal real estate market. It is important not to denigrate Montrealers and visitors by car who come to animate the city center or other popular places, and this, in all the districts of Montreal”, can we read in part on the text accompanying his announcement.

The leader of Action Montreal ran in 2021 promoting better use of the Lachine Marina, a promise he reiterates for the next election. He affirms that the “largest marina in Quebec must be put back into operation” because it has an important role to play, as much for the small merchants of Lachine as for the tourist activity.

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