The difference between $15 and $150 sex toys

The difference between $15 and $150 sex toys

Despite their prohibitive prices, We-Vibe sex toys are very popular with both women and men.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, sex shops fill their shelves with various toys. There is something for all tastes and at all prices. But in front of two dildossimilar, but costing $15 and $150 respectively, one wonders what justifies such a price difference. The director of the Séduction boutiques, Edith Arsenault, enlightens us. 

“When you buy a sweater for $15 rather than $150, in the end, you have something to put on your back. . So you can definitely orgasm with a $15 vibrator, but it's the build quality that justifies the price difference,” she explains. 

So , the quality of the motor, the wiring, the design and the materials used guarantee the longevity of the accessory as well as its efficiency. 

Quality products often offer different vibration modes, and some are water resistant, even submersible. 

The marketing aspect also justifies the price disparity, of course. The high-end toy will be more refined, it will include different accessories, such as a box or a storage pouch, and sometimes even a guarantee ranging from one to three years. 

But the fact remains that the purchase criteria of the majority of customers are based on the look of the product, its name and its color, and not necessarily on the price, notes Ms. Arsenault. 

“In our industry, mauve is the predominant color, the one that sells the most. Then it's pink and black, depending on the type of product. For example, products from the anal department are increasingly popular, and most are made in the dark,” she says. 

Something for everyone 

We often associate the sex toy (sex toy) with the vibrator or the classic dildo. However, there is an impressive variety of erotic products for all genders, for couples, but also singles looking for solitary pleasure. One thinks among others of the vibrating penis rings, commonly called cock rings, which are used as a couple, since the vibration stimulates both the penis and the clitoris during penetration. 

And since the start of the pandemic, North America has seen its sales of masturbators for men skyrocket. We are talking here as much about the silicone doll as the hand masturbator. 

Men can also opt for products that help with erection (penile pumps) or objects designed for stimulation anal and prostate. 

The director of the Séduction boutiques believes that with a budget of around $100, it is possible to buy a quality sex toy, all categories combined, without forgetting the cleanser (very important!) and the lubricant (as needed). However, this excludes fetish items, which are often more expensive because they are more niche. 

We must therefore remember that it is possible to have fun, regardless of your budget. However, sometimes it is better to invest a few extra dollars, in order to build a long-term relationship with your new toy! 

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