The downtown summer campaign is launched

The summer campaign downtown is launched

Mayor Valérie Plante at the Esplanade Tranquille

It’s under the sign of collaboration between the various partners in the tourism and cultural sector that the Mayor of the City of Montreal, Valérie Plante, launched the downtown summer campaign. The launch of this collaborative project entitledLes moments du cœur de l’île took place on the new Esplanade Tranquille a few months after its inauguration last February.

The summer promises to be rich for the city center thanks to this initiative which will contribute to its revival thanks to cultural and development projects. In total, nearly 500 artists and a hundred activities will bring the city center to life every day.

The downtown summer campaign is launched

The premiere of the show Holoscenes of the Festival TransAmériques; Photo: Denis Germain

The summer season in the city center will be marked in particular by the return of festivals to full capacity. Whether it's the Festival TransAmériques, the opening of the Jardins Gamelin or the Montreal Completely Circus Festival, downtown will enjoy a rich cultural program.

The downtown-summer campaign has launched

Oasis, pedestrian streets, and information kiosks will take place throughout the summer. Credit: Office of the Mayor and the Executive Committee

This initiative stems from the collaboration between the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Montreal downtown, the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Tourisme Montreal and the  City of Montreal.

The pandemic was terrible, but there was one thing that happened, it’s the complicity, the collaboration and the complementarity that we managed to develop [between the different players]. […] There is truly a new spirit of collaboration that animates [the Quartier des spectacles and the downtown area].

Monique Simard, President of the Board of Directors of the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership

A relaunch that made the reputation of Montreal

Returning from her trip to New York, where she was able to speak with the UN special rapporteur on housing, the mayor shared the compliments she received about the revival of the metropolis.

“What they were telling us is how jealous they are of the way Montreal is having a big economic recovery […] The strength of Montreal is this ecosystem,” said the mayor.

Sainte-Catherine Street in particular recorded a 77% increase in traffic compared to April 2021.

Valérie Plante took the opportunity to thank the Government of Quebec and its funding of $32 million over two years, which notably made it possible to hold this downtown summer campaign. This campaign complements Tourisme Montréal's 1001 moments campaign.

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