The end of the evening: Do not turn off your device… ***

Fin de soirée: N’éteignez pas votre appareil... ***

There are two ways of approaching “the End of the night” (“Late Night”). Whether the viewer agrees to watch a light comedy, well played and enjoyable, on the environment of the highly competitive late-night programs on television. Either he finds that despite the obvious qualities of the film, whose remarkable interpretation of Emma Thompson, Nisha Ganatra has missed a great chance to dig the key themes in simply scratched the surface.

The film uses the same pretext as Network (1976), which is a fantastic satire of Sydney Lumet, winner of four Oscars, including best screenplay. We just replaced the head of the antenna of the newsletter by a popular host of a talk show for 28 years. Other times, other manners!

At the age of 56, the legendary Katherine Newburry (Thompson) will soon give up her seat, because of ratings declining in the past 10 years. It will, however, pass on the body. The candid Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling, best known for his role in “The Office”), newcomer in the team of authors, will be a valuable ally in its battle against the director of the chain…

But any comparison stops there. As the first shot with a ball of red, as it is merely a careful shot of a summons. Moreover, it is a pity that the two female characters in the main are also stereotyped — even if the film takes sides in laughter.

Katherine Newburry is the archetype of the ambitious, whose life boils down to his work, forcing his team to subordinate his authoritarianism as well as his lack of empathy and human warmth. The strap has a loving and caring husband, suffering from Parkinson’s (very good John Litgow), even if she cares little.

While Molly Patel is the young woman born in a modest family that gets the chance to fulfil the dream of his life and realizes that the route is strewn with pitfalls. To start with those that sow according to his moods, his tyrannical boss.

Without necessarily to use a light feminist to the death, the story of Mindy Kaling was a pretext to discuss different facets related to inequities, discrimination, ageism, and representation. We would have only wished that the writer and the filmmaker push the thinking a little further, rather than play the card of the consensus.

Same thing on the formal level. Nisha Ganatra uses, with efficiency, it should be noted that the tested formulas of the comedy of the situation. One would have expected better from a director who works mostly in tv, and, presumably, knew enough of the workings to avoid in resume more noticeable to the cinema…

In fact, it is essentially its distribution four-star that makes the charm of the End of the evening. Starting with Emma Thompson (Raison et sentiments, Nanny McPhee…), striking in the role of without heart. Mindy Kaling, John Litgow, and Denis O’hare (in the skin of Brad, the discreet and efficient right arm of the presenter) are also very good.

To win without risk is to triumph without glory, they say. This is the case of the End of the evening (and, ironically, the opposite situation to that of his main protagonist). Not to mention the fact that after 15 minutes, there is no doubt of what was going on and how it all will end… And smile more than laugh.


The generic

Rating : ***

Title : the End of the evening

Genre : Comedy, drama

Director : Nisha Ganatra

Actors : Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Litgow

Rating : General

Duration : 1h42

We love : the remarkable interpretation of Emma Thompson. The questioning of the representation of women.

We don’t like : the lack of depth and daring.

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