“The event”: crush on a punchy film

“The Event”: crush on a punchy film

In 1963, in France, abortion was illegal. Anne, a brilliant student, is pregnant without having wanted it. This is followed by feelings of fear, shame and isolation for the young heroine. This is the premise of the film The Event.

Audrey Diwan’s film paints a shocking portrait of an era not so far from us and makes a powerful denunciation of the moral rigidity that reigned then.  

With a hard-hitting and very raw direction, the film also shows the courageous and determined quest of a young woman who stands up to the system to get out of an unjust and sexist situation, risking her life.  

Winner of the prestigious Golden Lion at the last Venice International Film Festival, The Event is a difficult but important punch film about resistance and free choice in abortion. 

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