The ever more expensive grocery store: too much of a burden, according to this nutritionist

The ever more expensive grocery store: a burden too much, according to this nutritionist

Bernard Lavallée

We announced this week the forecasts of a sharp increase in the price of the basket of grocery store for 2022. Bernard & nbsp; Lavallée, alias the urban nutritionist, went there with a touching publication on his social networks, regretting the fact that once again, we risk putting the responsibility on the individual, which is required to save money, rather than pushing decision-makers to make a difference. & nbsp;

Food price inflation is forecast to be 5-7% for next year, down from 3.8% in 2021. This is the first time in 12 years that Researchers predict such a large increase. & nbsp; The cost of feeding a family of four will be $ 14,767.36, which is $ 966.08 more than in 2021.

Despite these disturbing figures, & nbsp; Eric Girard, & nbsp; the Minister of Finance & nbsp; of Quebec, believes that Quebecers are in a good position to face inflation … even if wages are not increasing as well quickly.

Transfer the shoulder weight & nbsp;

Bernard & nbsp ; Lavallée & nbsp; is fed up with expert advice to adapt and save: he wants real change implemented by government authorities. & Nbsp;

“Food insecure people know all of this stuff. They have to apply them on a daily basis in order to get something on the table. It & rsquo; s a feat they perform with sacrifice and an increasing mental load, “he writes. & Nbsp;

The & rsquo; & rsquo; & eacute; grocery always more expensive & egrave; re: a burden too much, according to this nutritionist

Actions to resolve this problem should come from above, to remove this weight from the Quebec population. & nbsp; & nbsp;

< p> The urban nutritionist concludes his publication thus: “If they do not manage to eat enough, in quantity or in quality, it is not because they do not know how to manage their budget. It's because they don't have enough money. Point. [& # 8230;] In this context of food inflation, it is a risk, in my opinion, to limit interventions to tips for eating well at a low price. “& Nbsp;

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