The Expos too strong for the league

Les Expos trop forts pour la ligue

David Segui (to the right) is certain that the Expos of 1994 would have won easily the World Series had it not been for the strike that had put a premature end to the season. At the time, he moved to the New York Mets.

August 15, 2019 23h22


The Expos too strong for the league

Les Expos trop forts pour la ligue

Ian Bussières

The Sun


The former first goal of the Montreal Expos David Segui is convinced that the 1994 edition of the montreal could have easily won the World Series, had there not been the strike that has put a premature end to the season.

“Me, I was not there. I arrived in Montreal after this season, but I’ve played against them for the New York Mets and it had no meaning. We bottaient the ass in every game!”, remembers laughing the ex-athlete of 53 years who was in Quebec city on Thursday night for the clash between the old Shows and the old Capitals.

“This team would have won the World Series easily, I am sure,” says one who remembers also feelings of Montrealers about the labour dispute, which has caused them to lose their “Z’amours” the most beautiful chance for the championship.

“I arrived the following year and many were still bitter. They said they would see us any more at the Stadium. However, with time, it has faded. Montreal is a beautiful city with a beautiful city center and the people are nice.”

“Montreal is a city of baseball and should get a team. If Montreal comes back one day in the majors with a stage at the water’s edge, I offer my services as an instructor of hitters as a volunteer!”, goes-t-he.

Good memories

Segui keep a good memory of the organization of the Expos. “I know Felipe [Alou, coach] since I was very small. My father and him were teammates in the majors. In addition, the Expos were doing a good job of identifying guys with potential in alignment. They did play every day, and they were quite noticeable. The problem was that they were often exchanged when other teams were finding their value”, he says.

The last season of Segui in the majors with the Baltimore Orioles in 2004 also corresponds to the last of the Expos prior to their departure for Washington. “It is always sad to see a team relocate. But I found it rather nice this year, when the Nationals of Washington have worn the uniform of the Expos, I liked that they acknowledge this heritage.”

Segui, who has hit a few base hits Thursday, in the victory of 19 to 12 of the former Expos, still stands near the diamond even though he has been retired for several years. “My two sons of 11 and 14 years old play baseball then I am their transportation between the field and home. Now I am a dad full-time.”

NOTES : Goefrey Tomlinson, Michel Laplante, Patrick Scalabrini, Eddie Lantigua, Olivier Lépine, Jean-Philippe Roy, Stéphane Dionne, TJ Shimizu, Mike Provencher, Josh Colafemina, Brad Purcell, Michel Simard, Yves Martineau, Christian Chénard and Stéphane Dionne were the ancient Capitals… Besides Segui, the old Expos were represented by Claude Raymond, Bill “Spaceman” Lee, Brad Wilkerson, Curtis Pride, Mark Griffin, Martin Robitaille, Denis Boucher and Claude Raymond… Now, at the age of 82 years, Claude Raymond lie down his memories on paper next year then he will launch a book written in collaboration with Marc Robitaille, who signed with Jacques Doucet brick 1384 pages “Il était une fois les Expos” and the biography of Doucet’s “Memoirs of a microphone”… Like in the good old days, Eddie Lantigua hit a circuit over the fence of the Stadium Canac. His manager of the time, the owner of the Capitals, Michel Laplante, has fooled many by pretending to catch the ball… Laplante, who has evolved in the subsidiaries of the Expos, has been wearing the two uniforms on Thursday. His last presence in the uniform of the Capitals dating back to 2007.



A big inning helped the Quebec Capitales to keep their dream alive Thursday night when the protected of the manager Patrick Scalabrini had the top 7 to 3 on the Jackals in New Jersey at the Stage Canac.

As the Boulders of Rockland have lost to the Eagles of Trois-Rivières, the Caps are now at 5.5 gains a presence in a series of end-of-season.

It could have been a great night for the starting of the Jackals, Lars Liguori, who had a match without a point or sure up in the fifth inning. A comedy of errors, a cushioned well-placed of Conor Panas, and a few hits, however, have annihilated all the hopes of the left-handed Arizona and allowed the Caps to score seven points in a round ending.

“We were not worried, even when Liguori had not yet been sure, because there were a lot of balls hit straight. We knew that we would have the opportunity to hurt him, but they have opened a door, two doors, three doors even,” said Scalabrini after the game.

The basis of the Capitals, Austin Chrismon had also experienced difficulties in the fifth inning, but was able to limit the damage to two points on a hit from Jay Gonzalez and a base on balls to Conrad Gregor then that the cushions were filled.

The end of agonizing

Scalabrini would, however, well past the end of the match a little too scary where reliever Reilly Hovis has filled the cushions with goals on balls so that there was a withdrawal in the ninth inning.

“Yet, Hovis launched well up to now, I don’t know what happened this evening. I would have loved to not have to warm [the reliever’s number one Dustin] Molleken in emergency, but after Gregor, the next two batters were the leaders of the league for batting average,” continued the manager.

Hovis has finally regained his senses and removed Gregor on three shots before forcing the dangerous Alfredo Marte to hit into an optional, which put an end to the match.

“We have not been opportunistic very often this year, it is not chialera not if it is a few matches. We know that our chances of making the playoffs are not huge, but it is necessary to keep the “vibe” now, ” said Scalabrini.

NOTES : former reliever of the Expos Claude Raymond has been a source of inspiration for Scalabrini, who told an anecdote about his players in his speech before the game… Two games are extremely rare in baseball occurred two batters consecutive Jackals in the first round. First of all, Conrad Gregor has been removed on the trails after being hit by the ball hit by his teammate Alfredo Marte. The next batter, Richard Stock, was then awarded the first goal following an interference receiver Chris Shaw, whose glove has impeded its momentum… The Capitals will visit the Eagles at Three Rivers, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The starting pitchers will be Sean Cruz, Arik Sikula and Scott Richmond. Ian Bussières

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