The fall

The fall

You know that even very smart people get glory from being able to empty one more bottle than the next one. (Camus)

CHRONICLE – A very small confidence: the media, social and traditional carnival surrounding the recent misadventures of influencers left me not only perplexed, but shaken. 

May these good people be able to earn their bread in eccentric and abysmal banalities, first. 

That we give them too much attention due to their Sunwing debacle, then. 

That a host of serious journalists come to a press conference organized by Narcisse 1er, above all. The fall of the West in a picture, in a way.

Almost the same day, a Radio-Canada article, taken nowhere else, unless I am mistaken, reported that the glaciers of British Columbia and Alberta have suffered an average melting seven times faster in the last decade.&nbsp ;

Not the traditional media's complete fault, though. This one continues, thanks to the diktats of the click galvanized by the disparities GAFA, to manage between “public interest” and “interest of the public”. Difficult if not impossible, in fact, to ignore the popular delight of a critical mass as to the stampedes of Ostrogoths, according to a prime minister who also got caught up in the game. 

The phenomenon of the Hygrade sausage, therefore, revolving around a stratospheric insignificance. Because if we do have the governments we deserve, the same applies, no doubt, when it comes to the media.

Another news overshadowed by the Tornado El Narciso: the potential downfall of American democracy. Failure to ensure the integrity of the electoral system will sever an already frayed thread, according to some 150 professors and nerds south of the border. 

According to Thomas Homer-Dixon, Director of the Cascade Institute at Royal Roads University and author of Commanding Hope: The Power We Have to Renew a World in Peril: “By 2025, American democracy could collapse, causing extreme domestic political instability, including widespread civil violence. By 2030, if not sooner, the country could be governed by a right-wing dictatorship. We mustn’t dismiss these possibilities just because they seem ludicrous or too horrible to imagine.” 

Tomorrow morning, in short. And if the US does indeed give in to the dictatorial siren songs, who would think that Canada's democratic foundations would then remain intact?

After tomorrow? Another issue, linked to the one mentioned above: 220 million climate refugees looking for oases, by… 2050. Not IN 2050, but BY 2050. Where will they go? Or rather, where will they be welcomed? In a new fascistic America? In a France where, at the time of writing these lines, nearly a third of the population supports a far-right candidate for the next presidential elections? In a Hungary which recently instructed its army to fire on any refugee crossing the lines? In the Russia of the Eternal Putin? 

The above incidentally led the CIA to produce a report, perhaps inadvertently leaked, announcing the inevitability of imminent climate wars . 

All this with, implicitly, an interminable demonstration where (too many of its) participants equate Shoah, dictatorship, American slavery and… sanitary measures. Holocaust and vaccination passport to access the dining room of Old Duluth, same fight. 

Time to pull yourself together? If there is still time, yes. Quick. 

And sorry, I forgot: the quote from Camus, in the foreground, comes from one of his succulent novels: La chute. < /p>

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