The former boss of the Grammy Awards categorically denies accusations of rape

L'ancien patron des Grammy Awards rejette catégoriquement des accusations de viol

The former boss of the Grammy Awards, Neil Portnow

January 22, 2020 18h35


The former boss of the Grammy Awards categorically denies accusations of rape


Agence France-Presse


LOS ANGELES — The former ceo of the Academy of arts and sciences of the recording, american association of professional disc, which organizes every year the Grammy Awards, has formally denied on Wednesday accusations of rape brought the day before by the one that has replaced it.

On Tuesday, Deborah Dugan has filed a complaint in Los Angeles with the Commission for the equality of professional opportunities, accusing the Academy, which comes to suspend its functions of discrimination and harassment.

In its complaint is 44 pages, the patron saint of the Recording Academy states, in particular, have been subjected to pressure to hire as a consultant, his predecessor, Neil Portnow, as he was suspected in the organization of violating a musician, “real reason why his contract was not renewed after 17 years.

Neil Portnow responded Wednesday, stating that the complaint “was riddled with accusations, inaccurate, untrue, scandalous, and terribly painful” to him.

“The rape accusations are ridiculous and misleading. To suggest that there has been a (rape) it is spreading a lie,” writes Mr. Portnow in a statement reproduced in full on the website of the specialist magazine Rolling Stone.

The ex-boss of the Recording Academy denies in addition have requested 750 000 dollars to stay there as a consultant, as Ms. Dugan stated, citing a proposal made under it to the board of directors.

First woman to head the Academy, Ms. Dugan explains in its complaint charges that range from sexual harassment to conflict of interests passing by irregularities in the votes for the Grammy Awards, the publication of which 2020, held Sunday in Los Angeles.

She argues that it is through retaliatory measure that it has recently been placed on “administrative leave” following allegations of “misconduct”.

The Recording Academy has denied it, deeming it “strange that Mrs. Dugan had never referred to these serious allegations before the accusations personally against it by an employee.” This employee, “says Ms. Dugan had created a work environment “toxic and intolerable,” and had adopted “a behavior is abuse and harassment,” said the Academy in a press release.

An independent investigation has been opened.

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