The French “Spider-man” climbs a tower of Paris “to save Notre-Dame”

After a tour of London in October, the French “spider-man” Alain Robert, 56, specialist of the genre, hoisted himself Monday morning at the top of a tower of 185 meters and 37 floors in the Paris region, “To save Notre-Dame-de-Paris,” said an AFP photographer.

“This new clandestine escalation is a blow of heart and a rage to save Notre-Dame-de Paris: it is the French heritage that is falling apart”, explained to AFP Alain Robert, to the cathedral built in the Middle Ages, one of the emblems of the capital.

“150 million euros are needed to restore the cathedral,” he added, an amount confirmed by the association of Friends of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, in search of patrons in France and abroad .

“Alain Robert did not contact us. We did not ask him anything, but this spotlight can help us, “admitted André Finot, in charge of the communication of the cathedral and the association. “We obviously do not encourage this kind of feat, of course,” he added.

The ascent of the Engie tower, in the business district of La Défense, lasted about 45 minutes, causing a small crowd of thirty curious.

Alain Robert, who carries out his exploits without authorization, in full solo and without any safety device, had summoned some media nearby, without announcing the chosen tower.

In curved glass, the impressive Engie tower was designed in 2008 by architects Denis Valode and Jean Pistre.

The “spider-man”, who has been living in Bali for seven years, was arrested in late January after climbing one of Manila’s tallest towers, the GT Tower (47 stories).

In June, he attacked the fifth tallest tower in the world in Seoul, but had to give up because of the intervention of the security agents of the Lotte World Tower.

In 2016, Alain Robert had already attacked the Defense, climbing the Total Tower with his bare hands.

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