The gaspé peninsula: the fishing in full expansion

Gaspésie: la pêche en pleine expansion

Home Design naval FMP, the brothers Matthew and Francis Parisé have had to expand their site after two years, because of the commands of fishing boats.

December 27, 2019 20: 30


The gaspé peninsula: the fishing in full expansion

Gaspésie: la pêche en pleine expansion

Gilles Gagné

The Sun


NEWPORT AND SAINTE-THÉRÈSE-DE-GASPÉ — The recent years have been successful in the commercial fishery in Quebec and this context encourages a growing number of businesses in gaspé to take the expansion. This is particularly the case for the last few weeks of the shipyard marine Design naval FMP, of Newport, and of the plant E. Gagnon et fils, Sainte-Thérèse-de-Gaspé.

Barely two years after the opening of Design naval FMP in the fall of 2017, the brothers Matthew and Francis Parisé invest again $ 2.5 million to expand their facilities, adjacent to the park wintering area of the fishing boats of Newport, a borough of Chandler. The demand for new fishing boats justifies the expansion.

In Sainte-Thérèse-de-Gaspé, near Percé, the family Sheehan invests $ 3 million in order to optimize its processing of lobster and snow crab in a new building with a reception and first processing of marine products.

Gaspésie: la pêche en pleine expansion

The concrete slab of the new wing Design naval FMP has been cast on the 18th of December. She will be ready to accommodate the equipment and boats to build during the first weeks of 2020.

Special Collaboration, Gilles Gagné

More boats than expected

When Matthew and Francis Parisé have built the site to Design naval FMP, in 2017, they were aiming for the construction of lobster boats in aluminum, in order to satisfy the demand from fishers for this sea creature. This demand was fuelled by two factors, the need to replace an aging fleet, and the explosion catches of lobster in the Gaspé for a few years.

The brothers Parisé had not, however, intended that their first client would be a crab fisherman. This boat would be built of steel, and not aluminum, and it would be consequently much larger than a lobster boat, the length of which varies generally between 34 and 55 feet. The construction of this boat of 72 feet mobilized to the site throughout the year 2018.

“It was a good problem and a good start for us. We know the little egret in addition. I’m a crab fisherman, with my father [Francis father]. Our experience is that you can give good advice to those who come to build a pond heron here. Our boat, the Beautiful Onil, acts as a kind of test bed, because it was completely redone in 2012, in addition to the lie,” says Matthew Parisé, a young captain working full-time at the construction site once finished its season at sea.

Since the beginning of the years 2010 and 2017, the small team of what was to become Design naval FMP worked in a shelter made of containers stacked. The complete redesign of the heron Bel Onil being as complicated as a new building, the brothers Parisé have gradually expanded the vocation of the business, stopping their choice on the construction of lobster boats in aluminum, and with a focus on boats with environmental impact as limited as possible.

The contract to build the Cape-to-Wind, a heron of 72 feet, extended to 2019 the construction of the first two boats of aluminium. The signing of two more contracts for the construction of little egret, 72, and 75 feet, has forced the hand of the brothers Parisé to the current expansion in a new wing of 100 feet on 50. It adds to the building’s original 150-foot, 60.

“There will be a space for the constructions of steel and another for aluminum boats,” says Francis Parisé. Two other lobster boats were also ordered to 2020, bringing the number of vessels to seven for the first three years of existence of the construction site.

His team had 29 people in may, and 32 during the fall, and is expected to reach 45 employees in the course of 2020.

In February, the brothers Parisé will be leaving for Marseille to attend the activity Euromaritime, the “living room of the blue growth, maritime and river,” in which they intend to stay in phase with what is done best in terms of technology.

“We want to see if there are any techniques that would allow us to be even more effective and see if there is a way to further reduce the environmental impact of the fishing boats, for propulsion, for example,” notes Matthew Parisé.

Other boats are parked on their bers, just next to the building Design naval FMP. “We continue to make repairs even if we focus on the construction,” says Francis Parisé double degree in electronic and hydraulic industrial.

At the beginning of December, he went to New Orleans to attend the International Work Boat Show, another approach to find the best available equipment for clients in the construction site of Newport.

Gaspésie: la pêche en pleine expansion

The new building added to the complex of E. Gagnon and son will be versatile enough to receive snow crab and lobster simultaneously.

Special Collaboration, Gilles Gagné

E. Gagnon and sons invests in new

In Sainte-Thérèse-de-Gaspé, the company E. Gagnon and sons, the largest factory of processing of snow crab in Quebec and the main buyer, is investing $ 3 million in an expansion of its plant. It is an addition, and modest, considering the size of the complex, but it will be very useful.

“The new building will allow us to optimize deliveries of lobster and crab at the entrance, for cleaning and precooking especially. Before, the receipt was for a species and it was necessary to change the equipment when we went to the crab to the lobster, and vice versa. We lost time, two or three days of time, and the employees were waiting for them, which affects their number of hours worked. Now, we will be able to start two productions at the reception, as for the lobster to the crab,” says George Sheehan, one of the leaders of the firm.

These facilities first processing step are part of a package of investments initiated in 2016 with the total approach to the ten’s of millions of dollars. A refrigerated warehouse and a cooker format giant have been added in E. Gagnon and son.

The turnover of the business exceeds $ 100 million in the past few years, and it employed 615 persons during the peak period of the spring of 2019.

“The new equipment will consolidate the jobs. There will be a shift of 15 employees, but to other areas of the plant, where we still need people. We will have 55 Mexicans in our jobs in 2020. We started with six or eight four years ago,” says George Sheehan.

Two awards

Design naval FMP and E. Gagnon and son have won two national awards given to regional companies on 15 October by the Creators of employment in Quebec, rewards, supported by the Fondaction CSN, the Corporation of industrial parks and the Conseil du patronat du Québec.

Other shipyards in the gaspé peninsula specialize in the construction and repair of fishing boats or ships to search and rescue. The Chantier naval Forillon of Gaspé, and the maritime Businesses Bouchard, Riviere-au-Renard and welding shops, Gilles Aspirault, also from Rivière-au-Renard, also display a threshold of very intense activity since at least 2017.



  • 2013 : 169
  • 2014 : 204
  • 2015 : 239
  • 2016 : 270
  • 2017 : 388
  • 2018 : 342
  • 2019 : 373 (preliminary)



SAINTE-THÉRÈSE-DE-GASPÉ — The value of the landings of marine products in Quebec is an excellent way to determine if the fisheries are going well, because this value usually means that the prices are good and the volumes are important. In 2014, the value of marine products landed in fishing harbours in quebec has crossed the milestone of $ 200 million for the first time, to$ 204 Million. It was far from the last time. In fact, the value of landings has been growing since 2014, with one exception. The record occurred in 2017, with$ 388 Million, a year marked by quotas of snow crab remarkable in the southern gulf of St. Lawrence and of the price supplied by a relative scarcity on international markets. The catches of lobster have also been characterized by record volumes and strong prices in 2017, and since. The total value of the catch in quebec has declined in 2018, to$ 342 Million, but it rose again in 2019 to taken worth 373,4 M$, a given still preliminary. About half of the catch of quebec marine products are carried out by fishermen in the gaspé peninsula. The value of these plugs, once transformed, can double. Gilles Gagné (special collaboration)

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