The geek outings of the week of May 15

The geek outings of the week from May 15

Each week, Métro offers you 100% geek outings. On the program: a public reading, a quiz, a colloquium and a kinky evening!

Le Geekois cracks the codes of Quebec geek culture for you: comics, fantasy literature, genre cinema , video games, board games. It's this way.

Lis-moi Montréal: Brigade BD avec Richard Suicide

Attend the public reading of a comic strip, while strolling in the Centre-Sud district, do you like it? This is what the Liseur public offers you, in collaboration with the Festival BD de Montréal (FBDM) and the Salon du livre de Montréal, as part of the Lis-moi Montréal initiative.

In the company of cartoonist Richard Suicide, from the Montreal underground scene, you can discover his neighborhood which he dissects in his comic strip Chroniques du Centre-Sud.

  • Date: May 16 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Location: Parc des Faubourgs 
  • Language: French   

 The geek outings of the week of May 15 

Quiz night, special Marvel edition

Are you a fan of the Marvel universe? You know enough to know that Batman and Superman are more from DC Comics and not Marvel (basic what)? Espace Tétro Coop, which celebrated its first anniversary on May 6, invites you to a quiz dedicated to the productions of Marvel studios, the characters of this megafranchise and comic books.

Teams are limited to six players and a voluntary contribution is suggested. 

  • Date: May 11 at 8:30 p.m.
  • Location: Espace Tétro Coop (8628 rue Hochelaga , Tétreaultville) 
  • Language: French   

The geek outings of the week of may 15 

Alternate time frames. Uchronies, parallel worlds and retrofuturism

A three-day symposium exploring three forms of alternative temporalities that are uchronies, parallel worlds and retrofuturism…Having known earlier, the author of his lines would have taken time off to attend all the programming!

“As the solidity of reality crumbles and time appears less and less linear, as the relationship to the past, present and future becomes uncertain, the imaginary becomes the ideal interface for apprehending it, and the various forms of contemporary fiction and representation offer it a perfect support”, can we read in the description of the event announced on Facebook.

Not sure I understood everything, but this conference presented at UQAM – and on Zoom – looks really complete! In addition, it will be accompanied by a series of screenings at the Cinémathèque québécoise, an exhibition and a podcast. 

To consult the program and for more information on the conference:  

  • Dates: From May 17 to 19 
  • Location: UQAM and Cinémathèque québécoise 
  • Language: French 

The geek outings of the week of May 15 

Cirque De Boudoir’s FANTASYLAND 2023 – CYBERPUNK

Subway already told you about Cirque De Boudoir, which organizes dance and burlesque evenings six to seven times a year.

What makes these events attractive is in particular being able to dress in a sexy and/or thematic way – in fact, it is even mandatory at the risk of being refused entry. The next meeting has something to excite the most geeks among you, because the objective this time is to transport us to a cyberpunk universe!  

“We are taking you to a near future where robotics, cybernetics and AI abound. With awesome DJs, live performances and Go Go dancers, visuals, [blacklights] and more!” promise the organizers.

  • Date: May 20 at 9 p.m.
  • Location: Fairmount Theater (5240 avenue du Parc) 
  • Language: English and French 

The geek outings of the week of May 15 

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