The government accused of polarizing after the threats made in Quebec

Government accused of polarizing after threats made to Quebec City

While violent ideas circulate within the “freedom convoy”, the parties of’ opposition accuse the government of imposing polarizing measures on the population.

One of the three organizers of the convoy, Kevin “Big” Grenier, notices that the tone is rising among his troops. “Sorry, we are at a crossroads here. I have people who told me they were ready to kill,” he said in a video posted on Facebook. “Not just one, not just two, there are 10 people who told me 'we're almost there'”, he continues.

When you see that the guy tells you “I'm ready to go take up arms and go to Parliament”, I was there, “well let's see so, don't do that my boyfriend, we'll try to get out of this intelligently” and he says to him “but what's left in the world of intelligence, Mr. Big?”

Kevin “Big” Grenier

If some people are ready to take “extreme measures which are completely unacceptable, inappropriate, illegal”, it’s because they’were perhaps already skeptical of government actions which are even more so,’ MNA for Pontiac, André Fortin, Thursday, at a press conference at the National Assembly.

To reduce cynicism, Quebec must be more transparent.

André Fortin, MP for Pontiac

“The government, for example, must take note that there is a certain polarization, at the moment, that there are more and more people who are asking questions,” said Mr. Fortin.

A warning, according to Québec solidaire

According to solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, “the vaccine tax would have may have fueled the polarization. The current tensions must serve as a “warning for all heads of government”, he warns.

“We also have the responsibility not to fall into abuse, exaggeration, polarization, he considers. That’s the challenge: to be relevant, to be critical, to try to push the government to make the best possible decisions without falling into childish logic, to criticize for criticizing, then to polarization.”

The back and forth of health measures as well as the absence of transparency from Quebec contribute to the polarization of the social debate, also declared the Parti québécois. “Let's be transparent, then let's respect people’s intelligence by debating in front of the public, with experts, as other parliaments do, then we will have more support and respect,” suggests Chief Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

A “desperate” and “irresponsible” opposition

In a scrum at the Assembly national, François Legault would have indicated that the Liberals and the Pquistes acted in a “desperate” and “irresponsible” way by endorsing people who issue threats of violence because of health instructions.

“It does not make sense for the Liberal Party and the Parti Québécois to say that it is my fault if these people are threatening to take up arms,” reacted the Prime Minister.

The Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault, assured that security around the National Assembly was “extremely vigilant”.

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