The Hardings: chassé-croisé of the guilt

Les Hardings: chassé-croisé de la culpabilité

Martin Drainville, Patrice Dubois and Bruno Marcil are the headliners of the room, The Hardings.

28 November 2019 23h12


The Hardings: chassé-croisé of the guilt

Les Hardings: chassé-croisé de la culpabilité

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


CRITICAL / Fascinating object theatre, part of The Hardings of Alexia Bürger is installed in The Lined Thursday with a perfect dose of reflection and emotion. At the heart of the show, a highly sensitive issue : when tragedy strikes, who do we point the finger?

In an abstract place, evoking the ruins of a wagon train (welcome the work of design Simon Guilbault), the author and stage director Alexia Bürger has had the excellent idea of bringing together three namesakes inspired men real named Thomas Harding. We knew the first (played by Bruno Marcil), driver of the train that derailed in Lac-Mégantic, resulting in 47 people in the death. Bürger has discovered the other two, while doing research on him. The second (Patrice Dubois) is a researcher and author from new zealand who lost his daughter in a road accident for which he feels responsible. The third (Martin Drainville) is a us insurer that specialises in the oil.

Who is to blame

So here we are in front of two characters greatly traumatized, which opens the dialog with another ruthlessly pragmatic. In an approach that fits somewhere between theatre, documentary and fiction, we are witnessing a dynamic — and sometimes very funny — out-cross in which the narrative relating to personal disasters intertwined with a questioning of the guilt and the responsibility.

That should bring up the heinous tragedy of Lac-Mégantic? The railwayman who has admitted to not having enough applied hand brake while respecting the normal procedures (he was found not guilty of criminal negligence)? Or his employer, who has cut for years in personnel, training and maintenance of equipment (left to repair the cars to the epoxy adhesive)? Governments who pass laws allowing this lax? Or Mr. and Mrs. All-the-World that grow the magical thinking?

The question is just as captivating to this father, who has left his teen patching up holes in it-even an old moped. When the brakes let go and it collides with a truck, should he feel responsible for his death?

When the insurer gets involved, everything is relative. “When it is the fault of God, it makes things easier”, will there be about this famous concept of”Act of God”, which eliminates the need to point to a leader or a scapegoat. Its output on the value of human life is not piqued of to not more.

Created last year in the Centre of the theatre of today, the room the Hardings reveals a author precise and punchée. Its text is carried by three actors that are sound and fair. Special Mention to Bruno Marcil, upsetting in the role of a railroader. The story of this night apocalyptic of July, and the moment where he recites the names of the 47 victims give chills.

The room the Hardings is presented in Lined up until December 7.

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