“The hour of accountability has come for the CAQ”, warns QS

“Accountability time has come for the CAQ

“In health, accountability time has come for the CAQ”, warned declared this evening Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois at the end of a meeting with François Legault, commenting on the situation at the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital (HMR). Remember that last weekend, one hundred nurses from the hospital center threatened to resign.

The co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire (QS) and the Prime Minister spoke for more than an hour and a half in downtown Montreal to discuss the priorities to be put forward during the next parliamentary session.

François Legault must stop blaming the Quebec Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, unions or the pandemic for the ills of the health care system, according to GND. “He tells us that Christian Dubé is the best Minister of Health we have ever had. Although he is proving it and delivering results,” he thunders.

In terms of proposals, the co-spokesperson suggested solutions to the Prime Minister to “get rid of private employment agencies, he explains to Metro.

In addition, the supportive MP hopes that the sit-in of a dozen nurses that is taking place this evening at the HMR “will open the ears of the leaders to Quebec”. “Governments haven’t listened to them for years […]. They do what is necessary to be heard”, he underlines, without directly encouraging nurses to do sit-ins.

Five environmental-proposals

QS “expects results” in the environment, relentlessly insists Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois in a press briefing. He took advantage of his interview to submit five proposals for Quebec to reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets, he explains.

https://twitter. com/francoislegault/status/1615123643453050880?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Does Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois believe in the sincerity and openness of the Prime Minister when he meets the heads of opposition? “If François Legault thinks that a simple consultation meeting will make us stop hounding him […], he is wrong,” he said. “I will not let this meeting be just a facade meeting”.

The MNA for Gouin intends to take advantage of every opportunity to promote the ideas of Québec Solidaire with the government: “Every time François Legault will want to hear our proposals, I will be there, ”he concludes.

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