“The House of Fools; the reign”: the sorority is a house

“House of Fools; Reigns”: Sisterhood is a House

Alizée (Juliette Gariepy) and Sahara (Sarah Cantin) play two friends who met in a foster home in “La maison des folies”.

After a first season that revealed protagonists as moving as they are endearing, La maison des fous returns for a second season. Tough, touching, funny and glaringly true, the eight new episodes make us brilliantly alternate between laughter and tears.

This series, now produced by Trio Orange (to whom we owe, in particular, the hits Do you hear me? and Time for raspberries), tells the story of five young girls from the DPJ in search of freedom and balance.

In this sequel La maison des folies; the reign, Sahara (Sarah Cantin), Alizée (Juliette Gariépy), Dolores (Maxim Iacobaccio), Erika (Yulia Shupenia) and Fauve (Anne-Florence Lavigne) find themselves separated from their new foster mother (Claire Jacques). After a report against the one who is nicknamed “aunt”, the teenagers find themselves once again in the youth protection system, without a home.

Among the new characters, we find Vanessa (Claudia Bouvette ) and Mathieu Leclerc (Mathieu Baron). Addressing issues such as sexism and racism, the story is glaringly true, but also topical, as the recent reform of the Youth Protection Act supposed to “prioritize the ;child” is still criticized.

 “House of Fools; The Reign: Sisterhood is a House” /></p>
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<p>For writing <em>La maison des fulles</em>, director and author Mara Joly was also freely inspired by her own experience in a foster home at the turn of the 2000s. is the first long-form fiction drama series, written and directed by an Afro-descendant woman, to be broadcast on Quebec television. I am deeply moved to have the honor of breaking the ice”, comments Mara Joly.</p>
<p>Her pen, combined with the acting of actresses who turn out to be television revelations, offers us the winning recipe for a dramatic comedy. What emerges is a tribute to resilience from an early age, reconstruction, sorority, and the birth of female identity. </p>
<p>The first season of <em>La maison des folies</em>, produced for the Web and broadcast on Télé-Québec, won awards here and internationally. She notably won the prize for best short series at Canneseries in 2019. The series, as poignant as it is hopeful, is now in longer format, with episodes of around twenty minutes.</p>
<p>< em>The house of crazy; the reign </em>available for free on TV5unis.ca. </p>

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