The humorous truth of Rachid Badouri

L’humour vérité de Rachid Badouri

Rachid Badouri returns to the forefront in quebec, with an all-new show and a renewed vision of the profession and the way that he has of the practice.

The comedian is no hiding place : the last three years have been marked by the swell.

“I’ve been through has been difficult, but also very decisive for the rest of my life. Storms can be a gift if one chooses to draw lesson. “

Before hitting the wall, he decided to give it a important move of the steering wheel, to drop the masks and screens. In the interview, as well as on stage, the artist is 42-year-old plays an honest game and dare the card of transparency. His third lap around the track, it comes out the kinks in Magog, quebec, in July, will bear the seal of this transformation.

“I want to get closer to my truth,” he says, citing the pillar of the stand-up american, Jerry Seinfeld, who claims that in humor, it is the number of years in the profession, which makes the weight of the stand-up comedian.

“I’m 12 years in the profession. In terms of the experience humorous, so I’m a pre, I is still evolving. I absolutely do not regret what I have done before. It was a humor who looked like me, I’m drunk still to this source. The public is going to find the same energy, but there are also going to discover where I am in my life. The purpose is that there’s not more of a gap between the guy on the poster and the guy in the life. “

The sentence is simple. A no-brainer, almost.

“But the reality is that this was not it at all. I’ve done a number, also, that I had entitled ” I was an ass hole. I finally renamed The popularity. But it’s about all of it, this attitude is crappy as I had. I experienced success very quickly. Too quickly. It is mounted to the head. “

Touch the bottom

The swelling of the ego is rarely out the best in you. Rachid talks about his journey with humility and honesty. Yes, he played for the divas. It is no longer there. It was understood that, on this path, he would eventually lose everything.

“I journeyed, but they also need to know where I come from… I am the only boy of my family. After giving birth to my two sisters, my mother no longer thought to be able to have children. Then you just imagine the joy of my parents when I arrived! At the hospital, an adjoining room who said he was a little fortune teller told my mother that I was born under a lucky star, that I would become a big star. At home, I was an untouchable, a prince, the child-king. Those who were asked to make shows in the living room. The one who was never made to blame when baffles are fraternal. Even when I was wrong. “

The adulation of the public came to feed the next prima donna of the artist.

“I had become undrinkable. Once, in a large studio, during a recording in front of audience, I went back to my dressing room and I’ve had a seizure. I farted my check and I have harshly criticized the technical team. The trouble is that my second omnidirectional microphone was left open. Everyone had heard! I was so bad… Not because of the gesture, but because I was afraid of the consequences. I was shaken, but I have a hard head, I needed to go through other moments of discomfort to realize that I journeyed. “

His ex-manager was filmed during a “crisis” star “.

“Look, already, it is painful. In a context like this, it’s like watching a bad episode of the Jerry Springer Show. What discomfort! Around me, it kept telling me that it wasn’t going to. My wife told me that I needed to calm me. My producer, with which I have been working for years, has made me realize that change three times to technical team during a tour, this was not normal. I was losing contracts, ” says the one who is now part of the team K. O. Media, led by Louis Morissette.

Reached by a bacteria that is malignant, which resulted in a cellulitis of the calf, Rashid has found himself on a hospital bed with iv antibiotics and time to think.

L’humour vérité de Rachid Badouri

Rachid Badouri

Spectrum media, Frédéric Side

Quarantine happy

“I worked on myself. I went to seek help. I’m not the same guy at the age of 42 than I was at 39. “

The beginning of its fourth decade has been an earthquake at the same time as a blessing. He wrote a number on it also.

“My quarantine I was put in quarantine, in any way. I’ll tell you. The figure of 40 remains fairly loaded symbols. This is an age where the body relaxes, and I feel that the emotions are relaxed also. My temperament is less hot than before. I’m more measured. Less focused on things that, at the bottom, do not count that much. ”

The image of the Arabs, the hypocrisy of the Quebecois, the tolerance (and intolerance) as well as the wickedness anonymous (made easy to the era of social media) are different themes that have inspired him.

“I’m also speaking of super heroines of my life, my wife and my daughter. I have always referred to my family, but I am doing it this time in a different way, ” says the one who spends these days the majority of his time at the Brothel Comedy Club of Montreal, where he rode a variety of numbers. Laurent Paquin is acting as advisor to the texts of this new round of track, including the montreal premiere is scheduled in February 2020.

“I’ve never done it this way before, but I love finally a lot. It plunges me into an atmosphere of truth that I love. “

And the truth is, you have understood, it is valuable. Because the sincerity is the base the more solid on which to build.

“In humor, as in life. To be true, there is that account. “

The first family

In recent years, Rachid Badouri has graced a variety of scenes in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Dubai, Congo, Haiti, and Morocco. In other words, it went just about anywhere to present his second effort solo, Reloaded.

“I have so multiplied the trips that I had more space in my passport. I had to change, ” says the one who intends to devote the next year to the quebec public.

“I’m writing my third show for about a year. I’m going to take the time to introduce it here. “

For two weeks this summer, it will settle down at the Vieux Clocher of Magog, the place where he had presented a premiere performance of his first concert, Stop your cinema, in 2007.

“Every time I come back here, I remember my father, who went in soft and supper with a scraper and butane. I’m in his footsteps and I find crouching to the earth, near the star in my name that the Old bell Tower was placed on the sidewalk. And I see that rubs and scratches : it is in the process of removing the chewing gum! “

“Badouri, it is necessary that it be clean “, says the comedian mimicking the commentary of his father with the force of expression and a focus characteristic.

That first summer spent in the eastern Townships is brimming of memories as precise as it is precious. The cottage the summer that he had rented near the golf course quickly became a rallying point for the whole family. “My parents had to come and spend a day or two. On the first night, I saw land with my sister, my best friend and a lot of luggage. They are installed. I found myself sleeping on the sofa. My mother went to the market every day, she cooked the couscous crazy. “

In the course of the conversation, the anecdotes poured in. Many. There is a lot of family.

“I’m a guy of family. It is an important nucleus, the most valuable. With my daughter, I try to replicate what my parents have done and to avoid this, which I joined less. I think of my father, who sacrificed himself for his presence to provide us with a certain comfort. He worked like a madman, and he did this for us, but it meant that we didn’t see him much. Me, I don’t want to give up this precious time. I have the chance. My job allows me to be very present. When I go abroad, my wife and my daughter come with me. ”

L’humour vérité de Rachid Badouri

Rachid Badouri

Spectrum media, Frédéric Side

Cinema, cinema

By choosing to reinvent itself, Rachid Badouri has decided to remove the pressure.

“I don’t put much on the shoulders. Except, maybe, for the cinema. This, I confess, I hope to edit one day. It does not prevent me from sleeping, but I’ll be disappointed if it does not happen, ” expresses the one who has played in The bait and in Father-son therapy!, the French version of the successful québécois De père en flic.

“I lunchais with Denise Robert. We gossiped of it all. I told him that the passing of time was frightening to me. That I could not play the same at age 60 as at 40 years. “

The comedian, a native of Laval, had with him a small book offered by his wife who was intrigued by the producer. “This is a book in which I write down the things for which I am grateful “, he explained, before leaving the table for a few minutes.

“We said goodbye. Two days later, on the plane, I discovered that she had written in my notebook. “

The word said this : “The film, it is beautiful. Shows, it is even better. But nothing beats the smile of your daughter and your wife. Be quiet, you. In addition, you don’t do your age! ”

The message focused.

“I hope that the film will give me my other appointment. But it will happen when it will happen. “

You want to go there?

Rachid Badouri
Vieux Clocher de Magog
Every evening from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2 to 13 July
20: 30
Input : 47,50 $

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