The iconic Diane Dufresne launches Montreal Pride with… four songs

L&rsquo ;iconic Diane Dufresne launches Montreal Pride with… four songs

Diane Dufresne at the Montreal Pride opening show.

While thousands of people gathered on the Olympic Park Esplanade on Wednesday evening to see the legendary Diane Dufresne launch the Montreal Pride festivities, many were disappointed to have only been entitled to four songs .

Pride Montreal wanted to do things big for its 15th edition by inviting the iconic singer who, almost 40 years earlier, was the first Quebecer to fill the Olympic Stadium.

To give a nod to the unforgettable concert Magie roseof 1984, when 55,000 spectators were dressed in pink, the Olympic Stadium was lit in the same color on Wednesday evening at dusk.

Dressed in a transparent black frock coat and her head Long hair with rainbow streaks, the extravagant Diane Dufresne began her show by interpreting La vie en rose. “Pride is to have panache”, she launched to the public, made up of people of all ages, already amazed. 

The 77-year-old grande dame of song then continued her concert with the title Comme un damné, which she sang to each of her musicians as she moved on stage.

< p>Highlight of the evening: the immortal multidisciplinary artist offered a version of her hit Oxygèneadapted by arrangements by Scott Price. The lyrics have also been adapted: “I turn on the air conditioner” has been replaced by “I turn on my computer or my cellphone” in order to depict the reality of our time, dominated by technologies.

Four songs… and that's all!

Accompanied only by a piano, Diane Dufresne ended her show with Hymn to the beauty of the world. She then wished a “good evening” to her fans, much to the dismay of some.

Many asked for more, chanting “Diane! Diana! Diane!”, but the long-awaited concert was well and truly over. According to the Montreal Pride organization, the singer was expected to perform only four songs.

On social media, disappointed viewers have let their displeasure be known. /1555040643373744129?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

< p>The iconic Diane Dufresne launches Fierté Montréal with… four songs

Sensual Pierre Kwenders

Just before Diane Dufresne, it was the songwriter and DJ Pierre Kwenders who was on stage to warm up the crowd with a longer concert than the singer. 

Dressed in a tight sheer dress, the Congolese-born Montreal artist sensually performed several songs from his latest album released last spring,José Louis and the Paradox of Love (via Arts & Crafts) , like Papa Wemba, Kilimanjaro and No no no. He also offered other hits like Summer Loves,Heartbeatand Ego.

Sometimes accompanied by a troupe of dancers, sometimes alone on stage with his sidekick Clément Bazin, Pierre Kwenders never stopped wiggling his hips and interacting with his audience. 

L’iconique Diane Dufresne launches Montreal Pride with… four songs

Pierre Kwenders (credit: Martine Poulin/Montréal Pride)

Wednesday night also featured Les femmes au tambour de Wendake, a group of Huron-Wendat artists who present traditional dances and songs, and the Montreal Kiki Ballroom Alliance, stemming from the ball culture that combines dance, performance and fashion.

The festivities take place continue this evening at the Olympic Park with a drag queen show, and free concerts are planned all week. Headliners for other evenings include Ariane Moffatt, Cœur de pirate, Sarahmée and Laura Niquay. To close the festival, the most popular drag queen in the world, Pabllo Vittar, will be performing next Sunday.

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