The judgment in Jordan: the request for a stay of proceedings by Normandeau will be heard

Arrêt Jordan: la requête en arrêt des procédures de Normandeau sera entendue

In an open letter sent to the media last week, Nathalie Normandeau pointed out that he was arrested there nearly four years.

13 January 2020 13: 10

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The judgment in Jordan: the request for a stay of proceedings by Normandeau will be heard


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The court has agreed to hear from the 16 march the new request for a stay of proceedings under the judgment in Jordan submitted by the ex-deputy premier Nathalie Normandeau and his co-defendants.

If it is accepted, that request will put an end to all of the procedures and avoid a trial the defendants arrested in 2016 in the framework of an investigation bearing on the granting of political financing in exchange for public contracts.

It is in the case of Ms. Normandeau, his ex-chief of staff Bruno Lortie, the former vice-chairman of Roche, Marc-Yvan Côté, Mario W. Martel and France Michaud Roche, as well as the former mayor of Gaspé François Roussy.

“We all joined to a query presented by Ms. Normandeau, where she asked to stop the proceedings because the trial was not held within a reasonable period of time”, said on Monday Me Jacques Larochelle, who represents Mr. Side, out of the court room.

The judgment in Jordan, handed down by the supreme Court in 2016 will set the time for the criminal trial to 18 months in the Court of Québec. However, according to mr. Larochelle, “the time is now 58 months […] which is exceeded very, very considerable”.

In an open letter sent to the media last Thursday, Ms. Normandeau reminds us that she has been arrested there nearly four years ago, and his trial probably will not be open before the end of 2020.

Time limits “cruel and inhuman”

It is, according to her, time limits “cruel and inhuman”, which confines them to “a personal and professional situation untenable”, as it is said, in the meantime, the victim of a trial in the public square.

Although the prosecution had abandoned five of the eight counts against her, Ms. Normandeau is always accused of breach of trust, subscription fraud a cash election and corruption in municipal affairs.

On Monday, the judge André Perreault, of the Court of Québec ruled that it was “appropriate” at this stage, before any thing, to make the point about the time limits and charge them to one or other of the parties.

He recalled being already pronounced, on march 26, 2018, on the timeframe that it considered to be too long. He had even denied the motion for a stay of proceedings was then made on the pretext that the case was “complex”.

Noting that it took approximately two years since this decision, the judge stated that it was necessary now that the court “reverses”.

“While no trial date is fixed yet, I believe that it is appropriate to review the times […] and check what are the delays attributable to that”, he added.

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