The land of the Hells will become a protected area [VIDEO]

The land of the Hells will become a protected area [VIDEO]

The City of Sherbrooke is transforming the former Hells Angels land into a natural environment conservation area.

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Jonathan Custeau La Tribune SHERBROOKE – The wooded area behind the former Hells Angels lair on Queen Street becomes a protected area. The City of Sherbrooke adopted on Monday a notice of by-law which allows the zoning of the land to be frozen, pending official zoning change procedures, to prevent a developer from submitting a construction project there.

The land in question therefore becomes a natural environment conservation area. “The council ruled on this last week. We agreed to expand the area behind the land so that all the woodland is included in a conservation area. This represents 113,548 m2, the equivalent of two Victoria parks. When we have opportunities like this, we have to seize them. The notice of by-law freezes the zoning until we arrive with all the official documents in the coming weeks, ”explains Vincent Boutin, president of the advisory planning committee.

Would this be a roundabout way for the City to acquire land at low cost, considering that the bunker was seized by the DPCP (Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions) and that it risks being put in sale? “It's an innovative way to secure this land. If someone buys it, they will know that this area is protected. We will arrive at the council with the necessary documents in the coming weeks. “

Évelyne Beaudin had proposed that the City buy the land to make it into a park. “This is excellent news for our territory. The City uses its regulatory power to protect a woodlot. It is a solution for inexpensively protecting land stuck on a conservation area. I hope that this land can become the gateway to a large nature park in the city. “

Karine Godbout, president of the environment committee and councilor for the Ascot district, recognizes that the extension of this wooded area is a place appreciated by the students of the Phare school. “It's a winning choice for the common good: it's a gain to protect our green spaces in order to create places where it is good to walk and move. “

Mayor Steve Lussier wished to make it clear that he was in complete agreement with this proposal. “We agreed to find solutions so as not to have to buy the land. This sector will not be immediately developable, since it does not have any services available for the moment. I was completely in agreement by going to conservation. The goal was not to buy the land yet. “

Until now, the zoning allowed the construction of single-family and multi-family residences on this land.

The wooded land behind the former Hells Angels lair on Queen Street becomes a protected area. THE CANADIAN PRESS

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