The Legault government is investing $1 billion more for the environment

The Legault government is investing $1 billion more for the environment

The Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, Benoit Charette.

Québec today presented the specific actions it intends to take to implement its Plan for a Green Economy 2030, or “Green Plan”. The investments planned for the environment by the Legault government will be increased by $1 billion for a total of $7.6 billion.

With the measures presented Thursday, Quebec has now financed and defined nearly 51% actions promised to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030, says the government.

Accelerate the electrification of transport

In its “Green Plan”, Quebec is revising upwards the objective of electric vehicles on the roads to 1.6 million. It is investing $50 million to install 50 fast charging stations across Quebec. To help people buy electric, more than a billion dollars will be injected to maintain the discount on the purchase of an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Quebec announced the launch of the Écobus program for a budget of $743.4 million over five years. This program will reduce GHGs in the private passenger transportation industry and promote the use of low-polluting public transportation.

The Legault government is also setting aside $210.3 million to support municipalities in their own environmental measures.

Decarbonize the industrial and real-estate sector faster

To accelerate the decarbonization of Quebec industries, Quebec will invest an additional $298.6 million in the Implementation component of the ÉcoPerformance program. This supports major industrial projects in their energy conversion.

A budget of $100 million will be deployed over the next five years to limit the additional operating costs associated with this energy conversion.

Québec is also injecting $757.9 million to tackle the decarbonization of buildings. It thus increases financial support by $145.7 million for the ÉcoPerformance program over five years. This sum will support the conversion of heating systems using fossil fuels to systems running on hydroelectricity or using other renewable energies.

Québec has set itself the objective of reducing GHG emissions from institutional buildings by 60%. By 2040, all of these buildings will have to be “zero emissions”.

More details to come.

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