The mental load, Bianca Gervais wants to talk about it

La charge mentale , Bianca Gervais wants to talk about it

Bianca Gervais at the blue carpet premiere of the documentary “Mixmania: 20 years later”, which she hosts and directs

Although she has just won a superb starring role in an important Club illico series, The Pearls, coming in 2023, and that she will be featured in the second season of Perfect Momentsat the fall and in the film December 23 next November, Bianca Gervais is more and more enjoying the profession of director.

While she just put in pictures Mixmania: 20 years later, available now on Crave, the artist is already thinking about her next documentary, which should address the burning theme of mental workload, which is very close to the heart of the mother that she is.

“I think that my future may be behind the camera, confided to Métro the one who had already co-directed the series Family format and the Soirée Mammouth , for Tele-Quebec. I find a lot of happiness there. Last year, I blew out the candles on my cake for my 36th birthday, telling myself that I would like to make a documentary before I turned 40. Didn't know it would happen next year, thanks to Mixmania! (laughs) And I find it fun…I like putting my friends in front of the camera, going with the technicians, doing DIY, editing…”

The mental charge, Bianca Gervais wants to speak

Bianca Gevais on the set of the documentary Mixmania: 20 years later, which she hosts and directs, available on Crave
Credit: Eve B Lavoie/Courtoisie Crave -inside? It's because the great common thread of the fiction Pearls, which Bianca will shoot all summer on the Haute-Côte-Nord, deals precisely with this invisible pressure that the moms.

In a text by Erika Soucy (noted for her play Les murailles and her co-writing of Léo) and directed by Hervé Baillargeon (Six Degrees), Bianca Gervais will play Stéphanie, a young thirty-year-old who became a teenage mother of two daughters… and who, having not experienced much excitement since the arrival of her offspring, feels the need for a big puff fresh air. She, who has never taken a plane, secretly sets sail with her lover towards an all-inclusive in the sun, letting anyone who wants to listen believe that she is recovering from a depression, not to look bad figure in the eyes of his little village. The gossip in her hometown will be rife when the neighborhood discovers the pot of roses, but Stéphanie will not care, still busy devoting herself to the happiness of her daughters, her pearls of the title. The work will also raise the notion of sorority, since Cynthia (Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao), her best friend, will be our heroine's accomplice on the run.

“It's like Léofeminine, but with an added layer of drama, Bianca said of the series, which she is very excited about. When I saw that role, I said to myself that it was the role I was waiting for, after a 29-year career…”

Preparing to play the family overflow therefore awakened demons and fantasies in Bianca Gervais. On the one hand, the actress feels a bit guilty for working all summer away from her own children, Liv (8 years old) and Bowie (4 years old), thus joining the subject of Pearls. “My shrink pointed out to me that she is a beautiful model of a woman who is not going to puncher, a model woman who loves her job and is a loving mom. But it seems that the two are difficult to make coexist…”

And, two, this project revives in her this idea of ​​a documentary on the mental load that has been tormenting her for a while, that we gave her often suggested to give up, but which, she claims, “is on the way”. Remember that Bianca and her lover, Sébastien Diaz, founded their production company, Fait Maison Productions.

“I have often been told that the mental load is not sexy, that it is not televisual, that it is abstract, chuckled the main interested party in an ironic laugh. But can women live up to their dreams, or do they have to have a watered down version of their ambitions? Me, in any case, I'm handled in it!»

From mother to daughter?

The fact that her eldest, Liv, already aspires to follow in her parents' footsteps also helps generate reflection in Bianca Gervais about her profession. Having herself launched her first lines on a set in early childhood, notably in the dramatic comedy Le monde de Charlotte,the protective mother knows the pitfalls of a hasty celebrity.

< p>“Liv wants to do this job, and we hold her back, really, really a lot. On Instagram, we publish the  face of our daughters at three quarters; we try to control what we can. Ideally, I would prefer that she play in the alley, that she gets dirty, that she is not immediately defined in the eyes of the other. I would like what I have learned to serve her…”

“At the same time, prohibitions become obsessions, so she will do what she wants, continued Bianca, laughing .  I see it would be good. But I didn't take her to the Mixmania: 20 Years Later premiere, for example, because I don't want her to just see the beautiful! She must also see that mom cries when she does not get a role. I want her to see both sides before making a choice. Not just a glorified mom who talks in front of people…”

The Mixmania


The vagaries of glamor and popularity, Bianca Gervais has them to boot studied closely while simmering Mixmania : 20 years later, which Bell Media had initially offered her to host, but which she insisted on realizing, in the form of a convention, a reunion between six of Mix(only Caroline Marcoux-Gendron and Benjamin Laliberté are not on the special), who come together to take stock of this larger-than-life adventure.

“I grew up with Mixmania, specified Bianca at Métro. I was 16 at the first edition. I had to listen to it in secret and make my friends believe that I was not listening to it (laughs). But I knew all the songs. It was the time when I was doing Le monde de Charlotte, and I saw other young people my age who were breaking through, who were working. Who told me it was possible. It was a foray into a profession that I myself was trying to dig.”

The mental load, Bianca Gervais wants to talk about it

Bianca Gervais with the troupe of the first Mixmania< /em>, revealed to VRAK in 2002
Credit: Bertrand Exertier/Courtoisie Crave

Bianca Gervais lists the feats of the merry band of the first Mixmania (2002), without a doubt the most phenomenal of the four versions of the concept (the others having been released in 2011, 2012 and 2014)&nbsp ;: it was the first reality show in Quebec (if we exclude Pignon sur rue, on Télé-Québec, in the late 1990s, which was more of a docu-reality), 250  000 albums sold that year (more than U2!), songs in French, a sold-out Bell Center, a year and a half of touring, frenzies to have their laundry ripped off…

< p> “They cleared a forest, illustrated Bianca Gervais. Overall, Mixmania is very, very positive. Young people sang in French, other young people identified with them, we watched them learn, make mistakes, make mistakes, get up. No one was eliminated. It's a beautiful pop culture phenomenon. Frankly, I did not remember that it had been so big…”

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