The monarch listed as an endangered species

The monarch butterfly listed as endangered

A monarch butterfly.

The monarch butterfly will be officially classified as an endangered species by the Canadian government, a status that will allow the protection of green spaces essential to its survival. Several Montreal parks and spaces frequented by the monarch butterfly will be protected. This is the case of the “Champ des Monarques”, land located north of the Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau airport considered to be essential habitat for the survival of this species.

By being classified as a An endangered species, the monarch butterfly will be protected by the Species at Risk Act, which is tougher on anyone who disturbs or kills monarchs. This law also punishes those who damage or destroy the habitats of one or more butterflies.

Ensemble Montréal is delighted with this news. In August 2022, the political party had submitted a request to the federal government to add the monarch butterfly to the list of species at risk. /1658125785360728069?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault said last December that he wanted to do more to protect this species. Various Montreal elected officials then called on the minister to take action to avoid industrial development on the “Champ des Monarques” site near the airport.

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