The Montreal Bach Festival receives $100,000 in aid from Quebec

The Montreal Bach Festival receives $100,000 in aid from Quebec City

The Montreal Bach Festival -which will take place from November 12 to December 9- will benefit financial assistance of $100,000 from Quebec, announced Minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx and Minister of Culture and Communications Mathieu Lacombe.

The Ministry of Tourism is providing the festival with $75,000 in assistance under the Financial Aid for Festivals and Tourism Events program, while the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (which reports to the Minister of Culture and Communications) grants the organization $25,000 through the Mission Support program.

Created in 2005, the Montreal Bach Festival brings together renowned soloists, ensembles and orchestras around the works of the great German composer.

This year, a program of some 19 concerts will be waiting to be discovered. The musical performances will be held in the most beautiful theaters in the city.

“The Montreal Bach Festival invites the public to discover the talent of musicians from here and elsewhere and the beauty of classical music. I am proud that our government supports this major event which gives privileged access to Bach’s work and which contributes to cultural tourism in Quebec,” said Caroline Proulx, Minister Tourism.

“The Montreal Bach Festival makes Quebec a place of choice where the best performers of classical music meet year after year. The proposed program once again honors major orchestras, including the Orchester symphonique de Montréal, as well as organists, choirs and musical ensembles from Quebec, Canada and abroad. They all promote the democratization of culture and its influence,” commented Minister of Culture and Communications Mathieu Lacombe.

Many activities on the sidelines of the official Festival program will also be offered as part of L’Off-Festival Bach such as concerts, rehearsals, discussions and performances by local artists.

“The location on Saint-Laurent Boulevard was chosen and imagined to present a unique experience in a free environment as well as to make classical music accessible to a wide audience,” said the Cabinet du Minister of Culture and Communications and Minister responsible for Youth.

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