The most popular book at the Grande Bibliothèque is from Quebec!

The most popular book at the Grande Bibliothèque is Québécois!

The Grande Bibliothèque has just unveiled its list of the most borrowed documents of the year. Observation: readers have a marked interest in novelties, works from Quebec and those of established authors.

The 20 most borrowed novels in the last year have been published between 2020 and today today, a sign that readers are closely following new literary releases.

Another encouraging fact is that half of them were written by Quebecers. The first and third position, respectively Tiohtiá:ke and Kukum, were both written by Michel Jean, the Quebec anchor of Innu origin. We are interested in what is being done here and we also want to learn more about the history of Quebec.

 The most popular book at the Grande Bibliothèque is Québécois!

The most popular book at the Grande bibliothèque is québécois!

In addition to the works of Alain Farah (A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers in 13th position) and Paul Serge Forest (Everything is Ori in 16th position), all the other Quebec novels on the list (which has 20 titles, we recall) were written by women. Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette occupies the 4th position with Forest Woman, Caroline Dawson the 8th with Where I hide myself, Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay the 17th with La fille d 'herself, Dominique Fortier the 19th with Paper Towns and finally Louise Penny the 11th and 20th with State of Terror and Madness crowds.

Finally, the rest of the list is made up of the most recent releases by internationally acclaimed authors, such as Jø Nesbo, Michel Houellebecq, Ken Follet, Guillaume Musso, Amélie Nothomb or Joël Dicker.

A total of eight works were written by women and five are detective novels.

Documentaries and essays

As for documentaries and essays, the “star” factor weighs heavily. Several well-known people in the Quebec media see their books appear in the charts.

The three books by Pierre-Yves Mcsween (The Love Invoice, Liberté 45 and Do You Really Need It?) that deal with personal finance are on the list. There are also books by Sonia Lupien, Guy Nantel, Olivier Niquet, Laurent Turcot, India Desjardins, Judith Lussier as well as the late Serge Bouchard.

Concerns about inflation are felt in the reading choices of library subscribers. No less than 6 of the 20 books on the list talk about money.

Finally, if you were surprised to see many Quebecers traveling to Portugal this year, BANQ employees, were aware: the most borrowed nonfiction book of the year was Le Routard – Portugal.


If there is a series of comics that is currently a hit, it is The Arab of the Future by Frenchman Riad Sattouf created in 2014 and whose 6th volume has just been published last November. The five previous volumes of the series are present among the first 11 places on the charts.

Otherwise, interest in our national Paul by Michel Rabagliati does not deflate. Three of her adventures are still on the charts.

Children's literature

Finally, in terms of children's literature, the author of the Harry Potter saga remains at the top. The top five of the children's novels chart is made up of four of his works. The only intruder, in fourth position, is none other than Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince.

In children's comics, Asterix and Tintin take 17 places among the 20 most borrowed titles. In this unequivocal domination, we are delighted to see a Quebec work, Jane, the fox and me, by Isabelle Arsenault and Fanny Britt, make its way to 11th place.


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