The mother of a woman murdered invectivée

La mère d'une femme assassinée invectivée

The mother of Noémie Lavoie, Kathy Guay, fed up that the memory of his daughter is tainted.

January 9, 2020-4: 00 am


The mother of a woman murdered invectivée

La mère d'une femme assassinée invectivée

Patricia Rainville

The Daily


The mother of Noémie Lavoie, this Laterroise murdered last year in Montreal, and whose husband is accused of murder, lamented that the reputation of her daughter was still tainted, 11 months after his death. Kathy Guay was invectivée and insulted, during the Holiday season, on charges that her daughter had been in the past. But the information conveyed initially by a media montreal were not quite accurate and the mother bereaved was held to rectify the situation.

Noémie Lavoie was murdered on the 26th of February last. She was 24 years old. His spouse, Ali Mahamat Mahadi, has been arrested and accused of second-degree murder. He is currently being held, but the date of his trial has still not been fixed.

Upon the death of the young woman, of the published articles were from her past that was not without history. It is stated that ” Noémie Lavoie, accompanied by Ali Mahamat Mahadi and a third person, had kidnapped and beaten a young man, in addition to assault her sexually. But things had not really spent in this way. To tell the truth, Noémie Lavoie has been charged with accessory after the facts relating to the events and was not present at the time the sexual assault was perpetrated. According to what he has been enabled to learn, the young woman went to get her boyfriend to the apartment where had been committed the crime, and she had driven him up to the Saguenay, where the chief of complicity after the fact.

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The Daily has also checked the docket of the young woman, and you learn that indeed, Noémie Lavoie has not been subject to a single accusation, that of complicity after the fact. She has also served a sentence of 105 days in a preventive way, and the judge gave him a suspended sentence, that is to say, it has not had to serve a penalty, accompanied by a probation of three years. The trial had taken place in 2016.

Kathy Guay is aware that Noémie ” brewed not bad “. But the mother, who tries to make the mourning of his daughter, refuses to allow false information to be conveyed to his place. Moreover, the involvement of Noémie Lavoie in this sordid history of aggression has been re-released recently, which came to darken the newspaper of the mother bereaved, several months after the tragedy. It has indeed been insulted a few times, including in a trade, while a woman told him that her daughter ” was not his girlfriend, because she respected her too much for that.” Another person said to the mother that what had happened to his daughter was ” a good thing “.

“I can’t stand that the memory and reputation of Noémie to be thus marred. It is really difficult for us. We have to make the mourning of Noémie and now, it is insulting for a story in which Noémie has not participated. People have the judgment easy, and they can be nasty. I understand that my daughter has a past that has not always been rosy, but this is not a reason for you to suffer insults in this way. It really is destructive to the parents, ” said Kathy Guay, in an interview with the Daily.

Ali Mahamat Mahadi has been charged with murder not premeditated of Noémie Lavoie on the same day of the grisly discovery. It would have sliced the throat following a heated argument.

The young woman had to move back to the Saguenay at the time of his death.

Ali Mahamat Mahadi has not yet undergone his trial.

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