The new NAFTA ratified next week

Le nouvel ALENA ratifié la semaine prochaine

Justin Trudeau is in Winnipeg, Tuesday

January 21, 2020 11h21

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The new NAFTA ratified next week

The canadian Press


WINNIPEG — prime minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that Canada will move forward with the ratification of the new agreement of free trade in north america next week.

Mr. Trudeau said that the government will introduce a ways and means motion on January 27, when the Parliament will resume its activities, and that it will submit a draft law to ratify the agreement two days later.

According to the prime minister, millions of Canadians depend on a trade stable and reliable with the largest trading partner of the country.

“There are too many jobs across the country that depend on it, too many workers who need such access in the United States, too many investors and businesses who rely on the u.s. market, whether at the level of the protection of supply management, whether at the level of the cultural exemption that we have achieved”, he said.

The government house leader, Pablo Rodriguez, has already begun discussions with other parties to ensure their support to advance the legislation as soon as possible.

“It is extremely important that we advance with the ratification and it is our intention to proceed quickly,” said Mr. Trudeau.

Since it is a minority, the government will need to find at least a dance partner in the House of commons.

The Bloc quebecois has already indicated that he will oppose the new free trade agreement because the aluminum industry in Quebec has not obtained the same guarantees as the steel industry and the automobile in Ontario.

At a press conference Tuesday in Montreal, the chief bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet said the process announced by the government, which indicates the so that it does not want to have discussions with canadian parliamentarians on the new version of the agreement. The chief argues that it will not allow the government to use the fast lane.

The New democratic Party has also shared the fears of bloquistes to the field of aluminium, but has not yet announced its intentions.

The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer had said in the past that the new agreement was a “humiliation history” which showed, according to him, the weakness of Mr. Trudeau on the international stage. He was quickly rebuked by his former colleague Rona Ambrose, who considers that significant gains have been made in the process.

Ratification would remove the last obstacle to the preservation of the trade of continental, after the us president, Donald Trump has imposed in Canada and in Mexico, in 2017, a renegotiation of the free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA), which prevailed for 25 years.

Last week, the u.s. Senate, republican majority, adopted the new pact, called the Agreement United States-Canada-Mexico (ACEUM).

The liberal government was waiting for the Usa to ratify formally the agreement before submitting its own bill. Mexico has ratified the agreement last June.

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