The owners of Kàapeh remain positive

The owners of Kàapeh remain positive

The owners of Bistro Kàapeh Espresso in Sherbrooke Alberto Navarro and Marie-Josée Fréchette.

Share September 28, 2020 8:07 p.m. Share The owners of Kàapeh remain positiveThe owners of Kàapeh remain positive

René-Charles Quirion La Tribune Sherbrooke – “We remain positive despite everything. “

Sitting at the table in the window of their Bistro Kàapeh Espresso café in Sherbrooke, Marie-Josée Fréchette and Alberto Navarro take a break before getting back to work.

Tables and furniture are stacked at the back of the downtown Sherbrooke café.

The floor is stained by the soot left by the fire that affected the heritage building on rue Frontenac on Sunday evening.

“The damage is less worse than we had anticipated,” explains Marie-Josée Fréchette.

They are waiting for the claims adjuster to assess the damage, but especially the return of electricity in order to know the rest.

The next step is the reopening of their business which they hope will be on Wednesday, if all goes well.

And the central element of the return to normal is the state of the coffee machine.

“It's the heart of our business. She does not seem to have had any water. If it still works when the electric current returns, we can be more precise about when we will reopen, ”says Alberto Navarro.

When she learned that the building where the Kàapeh is established was engulfed in flames, Marie-Josée Fréchette rushed downtown.

“Four employees returned to the business with me after the firefighters left. We couldn't see anything since there was no electricity, ”says Marie-Josée Fréchette.

“We want to be sure that there is no water infiltration. We lost the food in the refrigerators, but we could resume service when we know that everything is working, ”adds Alberto Navarro.

There were numerous messages of support to the owners of the Kàapeh Espresso bistro following this disaster.

“The customer support has been incredible. We have received several texts and messages. It helps us and it touches us a lot, ”emphasizes Marie-Josée Fréchette.

The owners of Bistro Kàapeh Espresso intend to quickly inform their customers when it will reopen.

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