The parliamentary simulations that lead away

Des simulations parlementaires qui mènent loin

The member of parliament for Québec solidaire, Alexandre Leduc (second from left) participated in the student Parliament as a journalist.

January 11, 2020 16h23


The parliamentary simulations that lead away

Des simulations parlementaires qui mènent loin

Olivier Bossé

The Sun


The journalists boycotted the budget of the Blue, filed… at midnight and a half!

“I knew that I was going to have to write articles later, but not that much! In addition, the minister of Finance of the Blue, Pier-André Bouchard-St-Amant, offered free education.

“But two years earlier, during the student strike of 2005, he was president of the FEUQ and had not defended this idea. I was also very involved in student associations and more indignant, I wrote an article to highlight this contradiction,” recalls Alexandre Leduc, with pleasure.

Mr. Leduc is now member of parliament for Quebec solidaire in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, in Montreal. It has never been a journalist member of parliament.

Except that in January 2007, a history student at UQAM played the role of courriériste appointed by The Barometer, a fictional newspaper, the coverage of the student Parliament.

One of the four parliamentary simulations for young people to take to the national Assembly at the turn of the year. As the 28th student Forum, which begins Monday.

Anglade minister of Education

A decade earlier, Dominique Anglade had been minister of Education in the youth Parliament. The student of industrial engineering at the Polytechnic was his third and last participation annual, after a single mp in December 1994, and then criticism of the opposition in the field of energy, in 1995.

“I’ve really taken a liking to it. It has been a very rewarding experience. And even if this is not what I have done in the short term, it has certainly given the sting of the policy”, explains the current member of parliament for Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques and candidate for the leadership of the Quebec liberal Party, she was actually minister of the Quebec Economy from 2016 to 2018.

The youth Parliament, Ms. Anglade had worked with the current deputy and interim leader of the Parti québécois Pascal Bérubé, as well as the director of the office of the prime minister, François Legault, Martin Koskinen.

Marc-André Franche, who works at the UN headquarters in New York and still a close friend of Ms. Anglade to this day, Caroline Soriol, director general of the charity The Little Brothers, and the editorialist in le Nouvelliste of Trois-Rivières, Martin Francœur were also of the same cohort.

145 cegep students

The season of parliamentary simulations in full swing these weeks-in the speaker of the parliament of Quebec, before the recovery of the real work of the parliament, on 4 February.

The student Forum, reserved for students of the college, will be the third simulation week-held since the end of December. After the 70th youth Parliament (26 to 30 December) and the 34th student Parliament (2 to 6 January), two simulations addressing more broadly to students from 18 to 25 years, therefore, universities and junior colleges.

The 18th youth Parliament, to him, will bring together students of third and fourth side, from 22 to 24 January. Not to mention the 24th Parliament schoolboy, to the small of sixth year, on the 1st of may.

“This unique experience provides the opportunity for participants to discuss […] issues close to their heart. They will also need to speak to a parliamentary committee and defend their opinions with their colleagues. They will take and the full extent of our democracy,” comments by press release the vice-president of the national Assembly and mna for Chutes-de-la-Chaudière Marc Picard, who will chair the student Forum.

For the occasion, 145 students from 25 colleges will slip into the skin of mps and journalists from parliament.

The middle school will focus this year on three projects of law regarding the recognition of diplomas, the food self-sufficiency and the desire to enrich the political culture of Quebec.

“This is going to be said there, it is going to say in the room in a few years”, predicts Alexandre Leduc, such as what the hope of the youth is often the precursor.

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