The Phoenix still beaten by the Armada (VIDEO)

The Phoenix still beaten by the Armada (VIDEO)

Xavier Bernard tried to outsmart the former Cantonniers de Magog Olivier Adam, but in vain.

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Jérôme Gaudreau La Tribune After losing to the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada on Friday, the Sherbrooke Phoenix in turn hoped to steal the victory from their division rival, who presented their opening match on Sunday in a Sports Center Rousseau completely empty. But the Armada once again dealt the Phoenix a setback, this time by a score of 4-2.

The visitors got off to a bad start as rookie goaltender Jasmin Simon was beaten on the first shot. Author of two goals in the first match between the two formations, Miguël Tourigny added more by spinning alone towards the opposing cage: 1-0 Armada.

Benjamin Corbeil then took advantage of a power play to serve a laser to Simon, beaten a second time. The Armada then took a two-goal lead after just 8 minutes of play.

“Jasmin had a good game today: he couldn't do anything with his goals, admits Phoenix head coach Stéphane Julien. He was nervous in the opener, but he rebounded. “

The Phoenix responded a little later with an offensive zone faceoff won by Anthony Munroe-Boucher when Israel Mianscum found the back of the net to close the gap: 2-1 Armada.

At the very end of the initial period, Bailey Peach was shown the exit door following a check from behind, which gave the Armada a five-minute power play but was spoiled by the defenseman. Blainville Alexandre Joncas, who was kicked out a little later for obstruction. Peach's gesture will not affect the score, however.

“The effort is there, but we lack discipline and consistency, says the coach. Our veterans on offense must give more. We had success last season thanks to our ethics and our team culture and now, some are doing it at their head. “

In the second third, Samuel Poulin was responsible for resetting the counters by beating Olivier Adam with a shot on reception while the Phoenix enjoyed a numerical superiority of two men.

But at the very end of the game, Zachary Roy offered victory to his team on a goal that would have raised the crowd in normal times. But it was in the greatest of privacy that the Armada celebrated its second victory in as many outings against the champions of the last season of the QMJHL.

Note that Yaroslav Likhachev completed the score in an empty net.

Olivier Adam blocked 23 of the 25 shots received. The Armada has thrown 33 times towards the Phoenix cage.

The Phoenix still beaten by the Armada (VIDEO)

Olivier Adam blocked 23 of the 25 shots received. The Armada threw 33 times towards the Phoenix cage. Photo Armada, Sébastien Gervais

Nicholas Blagden had run out of his second and final part of the suspension following the fight against Phoenix rookie Jean-Raphaël Roy, who came back to play on Sunday for the Sherbrooke team.

“We are not satisfied with our weekend. Today, the Armada had to do without good players, but without taking the credit away from them, too, ”points out Julien.

Blake Richardson was missing from the locals and meanwhile the Phoenix are still hoping for the arrival of Czech goalkeeper Samuel Hlavaj, veteran American defender Gregory Kreutzer and Russian defender Pavel Grishin, all still in their home countries. due to COVID-19.

“I am rather pessimistic in the file of our foreign players”, is summed up to say the coach and GM of the Phoenix.

Because of this pandemic, it was perhaps the last part of the month of October played in Boisbriand, a city located in the red zone, since the provincial government could announce on Monday the suspension of all matches. team sports in the red zone.

“Some people claim on social networks that the full season could be suspended temporarily, but we have not received anything from the QMJHL in this regard,” says Stéphane Julien.

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