The PQ calls for the withdrawal of anti-racist advertising

The PQ asks the withdrawal of anti-racist advertisements

Pascal Bérubé

The anti-racist advertisements disseminated by the government must be withdrawn, considers the PQ member Pascal Bérubé. For him, it is a question of respect for his director, who denounced the tone used in these commercials.

According to the director Khoa Lê, the initial concept of the advertisements was modified during the editing, without its approval. “I allow myself to address the humans and the communities concerned in this advertisement with the nauseating nationalist smells, disguised as a campaign. awareness campaign to ask your forgiveness, ”he said in a post shared on Facebook. “And to all the people I have drawn into this project, I beg your pardon.”

“I tried to be assertive, sharp, vocal, eloquent and convincing to those who hold the decision-making power, he admits. Despite myself, I helped fabricate a discriminatory commercial. “

Thursday, Pascal Bérubé demanded that these anti-racist advertisements be withdrawn.

Betting on actions

Advertising campaigns are less effective than concrete actions in the fight against racism, believes Pascal Bérubé. “The government is quick to advertise and becomes addicted to communications firms. But there are very simple things we can do, ”he says. One of those solutions would be to present candidates from diverse backgrounds in the next election, he said. Another solution would be to “work on improving the economic conditions of the communities”.

Early Thursday afternoon, Minister Benoit Charette will present a report on the government's achievements in the fight against racism and discrimination. The Parti Québécois would like a portion on anti-francophone racism to be included.

Benoit Charette was appointed Minister for the Fight against Racism in Quebec in February.

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