The PQ supports the demands of the Conservatives

The PQ supports the requests Conservatives

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon arrives at the TVA studio for the Face à Face./Josie Desmarais/Métro

Even if they didn’t elect any MPs , the Conservatives must have access to the National Assembly, believes the Parti Québécois (PQ). The sovereignist political formation comes out publicly in support of Éric Duhaime's party.

The Conservatives won 12.91% of the vote in the last election, which means the support of more than half a million Quebec voters. “I have very, very little in common with the Conservatives in terms of ideas. But I think that if a party obtains 13% of the vote, it deserves to have at least a platform to be heard in the National Assembly,” said PQ leader Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon.

During the next parliamentary session which will open on Tuesday, the Conservatives want to be able to access the National Assembly for press briefings and to have access to an office. The right-wing party also wants to access certain important closed sessions, such as the unveiling of the budget.

“The demands of the Conservative Party cost nothing in public funds and given that the current voting system has caused an unprecedented distortion in the composition of the National Assembly, we must do everything in our power in order to restore a certain democratic balance”, explains Mr. St-Pierre-Plamondon.

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