The presence of the FEQ in the region: “a false debate”

Présence du FEQ dans la région: «un faux débat»

Martin Tremblay and Louis Bellavance are delighted to be able to present Pennywise the public saguenéen.

December 13, 2019-4: 00 am


The presence of the FEQ in the region: “a false debate”

Présence du FEQ dans la région: «un faux débat»

Melanie Side

The Daily


3RD Event, the corporation behind the Quebec city summer Festival (FEQ), is protected to extend its tentacles in different regions, including Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. The passage in the offices of the Daily, Thursday noon, the programming director Louis Bellavance explained his collaboration with Events 2M, the organization behind the coming of the band Pennywise, on July 10.

From the outset, Louis Bellavance recalls that 3RD Events collaborates with various events across the province of Quebec, and not only here. It has been the case with the Rockfest of Montebello, the Festival western de Saint-Tite and an event held in New Richmond on the Gaspé peninsula.

The hold the spectacle of Pennywise, on 10 July, on the port Area of Chicoutimi, was not intended to affect the events that take place at the same time, as the Festival des vins de Saguenay, or a few days later, as the Festival beers of the world.

“The date is imposed. For example, for The Offspring, the past year, the Monday night was not our first choice, but they were in Quebec city the day before. Same thing for Pennywise. We had lots of date constraints, ” said Martin Tremblay, Events 2M.

Initially, the proposed date for the coming of the punk band from california Pennywise was a week later, at the same time as the beer Festival, organized by Les Productions Hakim. To prove his good will, Martin Tremblay provides will be suitable for not to compete at the festival, which plays in the same niche with the music.

“We took the risk even if they could not guarantee that it was going to work,” added Martin Tremblay, who will meet with Carl Huth, the wine Festival, the first week of January, to try to tie the two events to the benefit of both parties.

In spite of everything, this last, and Louis Bellavance are convinced that what has been said in the past week is a false debate, is that the FEQ wants to take control of the performances in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean.

The director of programming, 3RD Events points out that in the summer of 2020, the group Journey will be coming to the Centre Videotron during the summer Festival, ” a collaboration between Live Nation and Quebecor, two companies that are not from Quebec.” It had also been the case in 2017 when Iron Maiden and King Crimson had occurred during the dates of the FEQ.

“We provide entertainment “

“I don’t have bands to sell, but I have services to offer. “This is the way that Louis Bellavance explained his collaboration with Events 2M.

“The risk-taking belongs to Events 2M. If that doesn’t work, this is not my problem. Throughout, we work with local promoters. The only question that 3RD to ask is “Is it going to hurt us to go with the bands international in Saguenay ? ” If it can allow people to see the shows at home, then wow ! “, says Louis Bellavance.

“In the end, everyone is doing business with bookers. Me, I’m lucky to have Louis, and it is the best in the country, ” added Martin Tremblay.



The idea of bringing the group to california Pennywise, Chicoutimi, was born in a small bowling alley, in Switzerland, last year. The director-general of Events 2M was there with friends for a hockey tournament and, in the morning, one of the players actually play the song Bro Hymn. Martin Tremblay and his partner, Jean-Sébastien Vallée looked at each other, have texté Louis Bellavance, and everything is put in place in recent months.

However, the rumors launched last week could derail the show. Louis Bellavance, 3RD Events, ensures that there was nothing official when the possible coming of the group began to circulate.

Please be assured that we announce a show as soon as it is confirmed to talk about it and to sell tickets, ” says Louis Bellavance.

But hey, now that it’s confirmed, Martin Tremblay, is pleased to present an evening which will join The Flatliners and Grimskunk. The configuration of the port Area will accommodate between 7000 and 8000 people.

“Everyone has the impression that knowing so much one has seen any images, video clips. I thought that the 30-45 years of age are the most numerous, but I see a lot of comments from younger people. It passes from one generation to the other, ” says Martin Tremblay.

“This is a nice rare treat. They are in the lineage of Blink 182, NOFX, The Offspring and Bad Religion. It is a niche with a rating of very important in Québec, particularly in eastern Quebec. There is a festive, very strong. It is a safe bet, ” says Louis Bellavance, who has not confirmed whether the group will or will not be at the FEQ this summer.

Last year, in addition to Alma, The Offspring was produced in Quebec city and Trois-Rivières.

Tickets are on sale on the network Réservatech.

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