The question of flowers: bouquet of movements

The question of flowers: bouquet of movements

The performers of the show La question des fleurs , Daphnée Laurendeau and Danny Morissette.

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Karine Tremblay La Tribune SHERBROOKE – On Sunday, at the Cultural Center of the University of Sherbrooke, the show La question des fleurs began its life in front of a public. He is now ready to hit the road on the North Shore, in the Bas-du-Fleuve and in the Gaspé. Choreographed by four creators and carried by two performers who form a couple on stage as in life, the original scenic proposal was born from the constraints imposed by sanitary instructions. Interview with Mickael Spinnhirny, designer of this atypical project.

Q Was this show born because of the pandemic?

A Right. I had the idea during confinement. With my agency, we represent a dozen dance companies. The break imposed by the pandemic led to the suspension of the activities of choreographers and performers. More than 250 performances were touched… In May, we said to ourselves that we had to be creative to allow artists to work. I thought about bringing together four choreographers and calling on a couple to interpret the choreographies. The idea was launched on a Monday, everyone said yes. On Tuesday, we were already on Zoom imagining a show.

Q You called on the choreographers Christophe Garcia, Ismaël Mouaraki, Dominique Porte and Andrea Peña. They do not all live on the same continent … Was it a challenge to manage creation from a distance?

A With the jet lag, it's true that our life has not been easy [laughs]. We have seen a lot of debate around digital technology and the arts. We, instead of fighting against technology, we decided to use it. The creative encounters took place on screen. Each of the choreographers has a very different signature. Ismaël comes from the world of urban dances. Dominique has a very playful approach. Christophe is the romantic of the group, and Andrea offers stuff loaded with raw energy. We had the feeling of being together, despite the distance. The decisions were made as a group and it was such a rewarding exercise that we will certainly repeat it in the future.

Q How do you describe the result?

A It's a journey through four writings, but we haven't broken it down into separate tables. The show pays tribute to the tremendous work of the performers, Daphnée Laurendeau and Danny Morissette, who know how to beautifully move from one style to another and convey, in movement, the ideas of the different choreographers. Laurier Rajotte's music weaves a common thread, a sound dramaturgy, in a way.

Q What does the title of the show mean?

A The idea for flowers came from this observation: in times of pandemic, certain things are prohibited. Give things or flowers for example. After that, we wanted to build a positive, luminous scenic offering, like a bouquet of flowers. By choosing to create despite the constraints, there was no question of making concessions in terms of the quality of what we offer.

Q How is the tour going?

A Already, 16 cities want to present the show. We have had invitations abroad, but currently, it would be irresponsible to send our interpreters there. The safety of artists and the public takes precedence over everything else. The time of flowers will return … That of the international tour too!

The question of flowers is presented in Sept-Îles (November 7), Baie-Comeau (November 9), Rimouski (November 12), Rivière-du-Loup (November 13), Gaspé (November 17) and on the Îles-de- la-Madeleine (November 20).

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