The quotes that have marked the year

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Claire Samson

29 December 2019 20: 50

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The quotes that have marked the year

Caroline St-Pierre

The Canadian Press


MONTREAL — The personalities in quebec and canada have provided many quotations outstanding in 2019. The canadian Press has listed a few.

January 30,

“You say that every time we make a law, there’s a dream somewhere that is broken.” – Claire Samson, mp caquiste

The mp made the remarks during a media scrum where it was a question of the law on the wearing of religious symbols by State employees. Ms. Samson had said that it had to opt for the “general welfare” of the population and avoid the exceptions, even if young people could be have to forgo their dream career.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

François Legault

Library The Sun, Pascal Ratthé

January 31,

“There is no islamophobia in Quebec.” – François Legault

The prime minister explained, as well, two days after the second anniversary of the bombing at the great mosque of Quebec, why he closed the door to the creation of a national day against islamophobia.

February 27,

“For about four months between September and December 2018, efforts constant and sustained have been made by several people in government to interfere politically (…) in an effort improper attempt to obtain a prosecution agreement hanging with SNC-Lavalin.” – Jody Wilson-Raybould

The ex-minister of Justice, during his testimony before the standing committee on justice and human rights, said to have been the subject of pressure – and even “veiled threats” – on the part of the office of the prime minister, the privy Council office and the office of the minister of Finance to avoid a trial at SNC-Lavalin.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Nathalie Roy

Library The Sun, Yan Doublet

February 27,

“Everything that is the internet is under federal jurisdiction. I have not invented, it was the constitution Act of 1867, it is the Fathers of Confederation had thought of it.” – Nathalie Roy

The minister of Culture was asked about the possibility of imposing content quotas on quebec to Netflix and other platforms.

March 31,

“In Quebec, it is how we live.” – François Legault

The prime minister has made a speech to the citizens to explain the project of law on secularism, claiming that his government is acting responsibly and uses an approach that is desired by a large majority of Quebecers.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

William Steinberg

The canadian Press, Graham Hughes

April 5,

“It is ethnic cleansing – not with a gun but with a law.” – The mayor of Hampstead, William Steinberg

The mayor has made this statement during a press conference for a demonstration against the law on secularity. He had then said that the bill “is an attempt to make it from those who practise minority religions, leaving only non-believers and christians in Quebec.”

3 June

“This report focuses on a planned genocide, on the grounds of race, identity and gender.” – Marion Buller

The commissioner of the national Survey of women and girls missing and murdered aboriginal was introduced to this hard conclusion in the preface to the report on the investigation.

June 10,

“We should discuss the vasectomy compulsory to 18 years of age.” – Gabrielle Bouchard, president of the Fédération des femmes du Québec

The president of the FFQ has launched this controversial suggestion on Twitter to make a parallel with the autonomy of women’s bodies, at a time when several american States began to adopt laws more stringent to counteract abortion.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Maxime Bernier

The canadian Press, Jacques Boissinot

2 September

“Greta Thunberg is clearly mentally unstable.” – Maxime Bernier

The chief of the popular Party of Canada has criticised the environmental activist 16-year-old on his Twitter account, adding: “with Autism, but also obsessive-compulsive, disorder, eating, depression, lethargy. She lives in constant fear, and wants us to communicate.” After having been roundly criticized for these remarks, Mr. Bernier said that his goal was not to disparage Greta Thunberg “or anyone who suffers from such conditions”.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Bianca Andreescu

The canadian Press/AP, Charles Krupa

7 September

“I have long dreamed of this moment. It is completely crazy that it has become reality.” – Bianca Andreescu

The young tennis player became the first Canadian ever to win a major title in singles by beating American Serena Williams 6-3, 7-5 to the International of the United States.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Geneviève Guilbault

Library Of The Sun, Erick Labbé

9 September

“It takes people who have the ability to keep up (the pace of the policy in 2019), and unfortunately some people did not have these capabilities, what I’ve laid off.” – Geneviève Guilbault

Asked in a media scrum on the observed changes within his team, the minister Geneviève Guilbault had trumpeted that contrary to what had been conveyed, she had not “lost” employees, but had instead dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

14 September

“We raise a hand high for the future.” – The Strumbellas

The group ontario’s The Strumbellas has been criticised for the French version of the campaign song of the liberals. The party has finally decided to change the song.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Justin Trudeau

The canadian Press, Andrew Vaughan

September 18,… and several times afterwards

“I apologize deeply.” – Justin Trudeau

A shock wave has shaken up the election campaign after the publication of images from several years ago showing Justin Trudeau is the face painted in black or white. The liberal leader had immediately excused himself and this episode has been on several days of the campaign.

2 October

“It’s disgusting this thing of always trying to create chicanes.” – Jagmeet Singh

During a leaders ‘ debate in French, the leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, has raised some eyebrows some using the word “disgusting” during an attack against the head bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet. The latter was excused by attributing the choice of the word by the difficulties in the French of Mr. Singh.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Andrew Scheer

AFP, Geoff Robins

3 October

“I am personally pro-life.” – Andrew Scheer

After having spent two hours of a debate to refuse to say it out loud his personal position on abortion rights, and have maintained this denial during the press conference that followed, Andrew Scheer has ravisé the next day and finally said clearly how teaches it houses.

October 28,

“For a million plays of my song “I hate my life”, for which I wrote words and music on the Spotify app, I hit 500 $. I don’t know about you, but I have the impression that my contribution to Spotify is worth more than $ 500.” – Pierre Lapointe

The singer has launched this cry of the heart at the ADISQ gala, denouncing the low amount affected by the artists for the listeners on the digital platforms.

5 November

“Stop doing a show and she takes care of his county.” – Sylvain Gaudreault

The mp of the parti québecois has made this statement after the publication, by the member of solidarity Catherine Dorion, a photo controversial decision to the national Assembly for the Halloween.

7 November

“The dress was striking. This was not a dress worthy of a member of parliament, the speaker of the blue Room.” – Chantal Soucy

The vice-president of the national Assembly, was commenting after mps were barred access to the blue Room to the member for Québec solidaire, Catherine Dorion, who was shown wearing a sweater in a cotton bulb in the room.

7 November

“If you look at my page Facebook, I can say that 90 percent of people support what the government is doing.” – François Legault

The prime minister said as well to have the support of the public for immigration reform.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Don Cherry

The canadian Press, Chris Young

9 November

“You come here … do you like our way of life, do you like our milk and our honey. You could, at the very least, pay a few dollars for a poppy or something of that sort.” – Don Cherry

The commentator believed that the immigrants have too little poppy. These remarks have earned him fired by the network Sportsnet.

14 November

“My mother taught me not to leave my purse in the car. I think that we do not leave working papers in the car.” – Marwah Rizqy

The liberal mp was reacting here to the stolen documents in the car of the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette. It was revealed to have stolen documents, paper, electronic tablet and her keys in her car, parked in the complex G, a stone’s throw from the parliament. The police had confirmed that most of the stolen items had been recovered and that a suspect had been arrested.

Les citations qui ont marqué l’année

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

The canadian Press, Jacques Boissinot

16 November

“Some (…) like to shake the scarecrow of the federalists in Québec solidaire; I’ve never met.” – Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

The member of solidarity was in response to comments made by the head bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet, who has been criticized by Québec solidaire him to have possibly cost them seats because of his “active support” to the NDP in the federal election. The co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire had assured him that the party had remained neutral.

December 11,

“All the French-Canadians are (catholics).” – François Legault

Then he met the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, in Sacramento, Mr. Legault told him that they had something in common, before confirming with him that he was catholic. “Me too,” added the prime minister caquiste. “Of course. All the French Canadians are.”

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